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  • InfectedRP Rules




    InfectedRP and it’s staff reserve the right to alter or change the rules as needed to suit the ever changing and evolving community we have built for you, the players. For that reason, please check the rules and announcements frequently. Thank you.


    Explanation of terms:

    OOC: Out of character, this should only be used when necessary, I.e there is an emergency: //GTG someone is at the door. //BRB need to use the toilet. ETC

    IC: In character. This means you are playing your character and your actions reflect that of the person you are pretending to be. We require everyone to be IC at all times when in the game server, unless it is an emergency. OOC is only allowed in text format and never in voice.

    KOS: Killing on sight, is when you kill a character without interaction or initiation or properly obtained rights. Certain interactions allow for KOS rights to be used. To learn more, please see rule 4.7.

    NLR: New life rule, is when a Player that has been killed is not allowed to return to the scene of the combat or remember certain parts of interactions leading to their death. To learn more, please see rule 5.7

    Perma-death / Perma-kill: This is when your character has been killed IC, and is not caused by deaths in firefights. To learn more, please see rule 5.8

    Perma death is when you fully kill off a character, this Character will have died in an rp situation, and is witnessed by one or more persons and you will not be allowed to play this character again.

    RDM: This is when you attack another player without reason or interaction, whether it be punching or shooting. No RP has come from the situation and it was entirely random.

    IBR: Invalid Base raiding. This includes entering a base without hostilities, as well as stealing, breaking or removing items from a base or it’s perimeter walls.

    Griefing: When you enter a base and dump items or destroy them for the purpose of making them useless to other players. This can also include intentionally making items ‘ruined’ in game, or breaking down walls/gates for no reason. You do not have to dump or destroy ALL of their items for it to be considered Griefing.

    Hostilies: This is when someone starts to create a hostile scenario in character. Hostile situations don’t necessarily mean initiations, but tense scenes in which two or more different parties come to disagreements which lead to action, through insult or other means (such as violence) 

    Baiting: Using hostilities and creating tense situations purposefully to start a fire fight or an initiation from the other party. It can be anything from repeated insults and threats to forcing someone to initiate so that you gain kill rights.

    NVFL: No Value for Life. This means that your behaviours do not reflect a realistic person’s in that you are disregarding your safety and doing something that you know will get you killed. This may include intentionally disregarding orders during an initiation, or placing higher-than-life value on objects. 

    Duping: When you use a glitch or other means to multiply items for use by any player. This is punishable by permanent ban. If it happens accidentally, contact a staff member immediately.

    Ruleplay: Using rules to your advantage. This includes using properly obtained kill rights invalidly, or abusing rules to gain the upper hand in character. 

    Combat Logging: When you are the aggressor in a hostile situation and you log out before your combat timer is up (30 Mins). 

    Base: A small, walled off area where someone can live or store their items. Usually no more than 3 small houses or one medium building (A warehouse or something similar) Can be held by solo players or a group.

    Settlement/Compound: A large, walled off area where many people live and store their items with multiple medium or large buildings, or many smaller buildings (usually 6 or more). Can be held by a large group, or a faction.

    GearRP Taking someone hostage, or robbing them solely for their gear. This means you are not providing decent RP and are only interested in their gear.





    1 Whitelisting Rules


    1.0 An applicant has a maximum of 2 attempts to whitelist.

    1.1 We do not accept any copy and pasted backstories. If found the application will get denied and you will be asked to make another attempt.

    1.2 Players are encouraged to have a working microphone and use it when in game, text RP is also permitted.

    1.3 It is mandatory to have at least a basic understanding of English.

    1.4 You may not have any offensive words or pictures on your profile on any InfectedRP platform. This includes Discord, The Forums, Team Speak or even your character name in-game.

    1.5 Players may not create characters that hold large influence over the Lore and/or server storyline. AKA Government Officials, local Military Generals, etc. Should questions arise regarding characters, please contact InfecedRP’s Lore Masters.

    1.6 At any time, a player may express that they are uncomfortable with the roleplay or it’s content. They may use OOC chat to do so. If they do so, you must respect their wishes and make an attempt to adjust the RP to suit their needs. This does not mean the scene must end or change directions entirely, it only means you must take their needs into account. 

    For Example:

    A:  //I am not comfortable. Do you mind toning it down?

    B: //Sure. What’s making you uncomfortable?

    A: //I don’t want you to say racist things, anymore.

    B: // Okay, I’ll stop. Sorry.

    Reminder: Please keep OOC relevant and brief.



    2 Forums & Discord Rules


    2.0 Be respectful to others on the forums; Personal insults, verbal attacks, bullying, harassment, racism or sexism of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes such offences from other communities.

    2.1 Refrain from spamming, advertising (including other communities) and sharing exploits that could harm InfectedRP or DayZ.

    2.2 Do not attempt to impersonate staff members or any community member, even if it is just a joke.

    2.3 Glorifying banned players is strictly prohibited.

    2.4 Players must review the InfectedRP forums and/or the discord app regularly, in case of any changes to the Community mods and/or rules. Failure to do so can result in potential rule breaks and/or policy violations.

    2.5 It is prohibited to post any racist, offensive, graphic content or nudity on any platforms used by InfectedRP.



    3 In game Rules


    3.0 Players must stay in character at all times, roleplay should be kept realistic. The player must value their characters life and to an extent the lives of other Characters which he /she may encounter. If not it will be considered as NVFL ( No value for life)
    3.1 Before players join the server, they must create a character page. If players do not create a character page or changed their character name, they will be kicked from the server. You can find a tutorial on how to change your character name here: Name Change Tutorial

    3.2 BadRP is not tolerated on our server. BadRP can be seen as trolling, memeing, playing an unrealistic or offensive character, or speaking OOC in voice.

    3.3 You are not allowed to avoid RP. Avoiding RP would be running away from someone who is speaking to you for no reason, logging out in the middle of roleplay, or otherwise refusing to interact with someone. Avoiding RP is considered BadRP.

    3.4 Ghosting is not permitted and is defined as when a player logs on to get an unfair advantage on a person/group/faction. Players may log in to assist in events should they have logged out previously inside the compound being attacked. They may roleplay having been woken by the sound of the attack. Log ins elsewhere, and arriving at a firefight outside of the compound is considered Ghosting if they fail to re initiate as stated in rule 7.1.

    3.5 It is not permitted to poison food and/or drinks and leave them inside of containers, bags or other items for players to find and consume. If it occurs and they get sick or die, you will be punished for Attempted RDM or RDM, as well as BadRP.

    3.6 Any form of a game exploit including loot cycling, duping or glitching of any kind will result in an immediate permanent ban from InfectedRP.

    3.7 Players should not re spawn until they see the “You Are Dead” message on screen eg, if he/she is unconscious then they must wait to wake up or die naturally.

    3.8 Griefing is not allowed. This means taking items from a tent or storage item and placing them on the ground to despawn. This also means to destroy or ruin items from said containers so that they cannot be used anymore simply for the sake of hurting other players ability to use it. You may take tents, barrels and other storage items, however, we ask if you can, to place the items that were inside into another storage container so they're not left on the ground to despawn.

    3.9 To utilise any form of 3rd party device to communicate you must at all times have a fully functional radio on your character, if that radio gets removed from your character you lose the ability to transmit information via 3rd party application.

    4.0 Metagaming is strictly prohibited. Metagaming is the use of any external factors or knowledge that is not readily available to your character to affect the game or give yourself an unfair advantage. This includes going above and beyond the limits of the setting, environment or available personnel within InfectedRP’s Lore.

    4.1 Streaming InfectedRP’s roleplay is done at the risk of the streamer. We allow mature content that may violate the TOS of Twitch and it’s affiliates, however, blatant disregard or violation of Twitch TOS based on knowledge of a player’s streaming constitutes harassment and will be punished.

    4.2 Powergaming is strictly prohibited. Examples of power gaming are forcing permanent effects on other characters, like scaring, poisoning and etc. Exceptions are made when both parties agree upon it in an OOC manner.

    4.3 Ruleplay is strictly prohibited. Ruleplay is when you hide behind/abuse rules so that you may get an advantage in game rather than prioritizing roleplay. 


    Group A captures Group B. Group A and B have had previous hostilities. Group A decides they want to execute Group B, even though B is complying and wants to negotiate in character. While it is in Group A’s rights to do so, it does not further their RP with Group B. After Group A is done killing Group B, the RP stops there. Nothing is gained from either side. This is an abuse of the rules and rights obtained by Group A and constitutes RulePlay.


    4.4 If a person should lose their stuff through fault of InfectedRP’s server or mods that we have installed, they may be reimbursed for their items if they can provide evidence of the reason the items were lost, and proof of the items themselves before they were lost. InfectedRP and it’s staff is not responsible for items lost to bad decisions or DayZ’s broken mechanics.

    4.5 Players may spread rumours, true or false, so long as they aren’t pertaining to rape or paedophilia.

    4.6 You are not allowed to impersonate a group nor individual by claiming specifically to be them, for example claiming to be a specific group such as CDF or UN and giving them a name. It is prohibited to wear official groups and factions clothing items.

    4.7 KOS  is strictly prohibited on the server, you must have initiated or had kill rights on said character/group/faction.

    4.8 RDM is strictly forbidden and results in an instant ban.

    4.9 You may not write your character/groups backstory in a way that you gain execution rights on a specific individual or group without said individual or groups permission.



    5 In game hostilities


    5.0 Initiations must be clear, along with all demands made to hostages. Demands must be realistic and within reason for the person to do so. If initiating on a vehicle you must text initiate and give it time to make a full stop. You may not use radios or P.A. Systems to initiate as you must be within chat range.

    5.0.1 When initiating on larger compounds or groups we require you to drop a text initiation as well as initiate over voice. See Rule 9.0.

    5.0.2 If a player aims a weapon at someone this can be seen as an initiation. When scouting or doing recon on a Group, Compound, Base or Players, please use Binoculars or take the scope off of your weapon to use it.

    5.1 If you are searched  by your captors you must give away all items that are available on your character freely if your captors are trying to take them. Failure to do so is NVFL as items are not more important than your character’s life.

    5.2 Baiting is strictly prohibited. e.g Baiting an initiation/hostilities towards yourself or your group, resulting in an unfair manner of killing of the opposing character.

    5.3 Each player has to make an initiation regardless if they are travelling together with other characters. If the player is in a group please check the group/faction rules

    5.4 Focus on furthering the roleplay should be key focus at all times, the PVP aspect of the game should never be the main focus. We are all here to enjoy ourselves so always keep that in mind, don’t dominate other groups to the point where it leads to people leaving the community in anger. Keep good sportsmanship!

    5.5 A Hostile Event will last for 1 hour after line of sight has been broken (so you can no longer see the other party after hostilities have ended). This includes taking or having been a hostage, firefights or base raids.The attacker/initiator is not allowed to log for at least a half hour after hostilities have ended. Exceptions could be made in the case of a real-life emergency. If one of the party members wishes to log out sooner, they must ask permission from the hostage(s) or those initiated on prior to logging out. Permissions must be granted. Failure to do so will result in Combat Logging.

    5.6 If you see one party initiating on another and wish to help you must initiate on the party causing said hostilities

    5.7 Once a player dies, they may not return to the place they died, or within 2 kilometres of it, for 1 hour. They cannot remember who killed them or what led up to their death thirty minutes prior. Your friends may tell you what happened if they survive the encounter and were directly involved. You may not switch characters and return to the area in which your other character died. 

    5.8 Players can be executed during hostile interactions if it makes sense in character, they have repeatedly failed to comply with warnings and demands or if the right to do so has been given by the player being executed. To gain execution rights from your captive, you must always expressly ask clearly to execute them. If they deny you may not execute them unless they are non-compliant or execution rights have been gained by prior hostilities. Once a character has been executed three times, their character is Perma-killed and may not be played again.

    5.8.1 An Invalid execution/kill is when a player is executed against their will, without having been asked for permission or without previous hostilities and/or Roleplay.

    5.8.2 If the hostage becomes a threat to the captors, they immediately gain kill/execution rights. For example, if the hostage arms themselves with a gun, bladed weapons or grenades (does not include punching or blunt melee weapons). This also may include group members trying to save the hostage without complying to demands or negotiation.

    5.9 In every hostage situation, the hostage must be given Food, Water and Medical supplies. The hostage must be protected at all times e.g, from wolves, infected and players. It is your responsibility if the hostages die. After the hostage situation is over, the hostage must have a survivable chance e.g, A can of beans (opened), a water bottle or a canteen and bandages must be given.

    6.0 Kill rights are gained when a hostile party has attempted or has had a hostile interaction with you or your group/faction. The captive/victim has kill rights that last 2 hours after line of sight has been broken. 

    6.1 You may not initiate on someone based solely on gear they have or because you want their items. You also may not have a hostile situation, and not interact with your hostage, only to hover around their backpack while looting. You must provide RP to your hostages prior to and during looting. Failure to do so is GearRP



    7 Official Group & Faction Rules


    7.0 Group and Faction sizes: Groups must have at least 3 or more members to start an official group. Factions must have 10 or more members to start it from scratch or transform group to official faction.

    7.1 If you log into the server after a hostile group has already initiated on your group/faction, you must re initiate to avoid Ghosting as mentioned in rule 3.4.

    7.2 Official Group members share KOS rights once a hostile party or a player has initiated on one of the group's members, the same rule applies to factions.

    7.3 Group and Faction members activity will be checked every 2 weeks. If a member has been inactive for more than 2 weeks, that member will be given a 1 week grace period to become active again before being removed by staff. If a Group or Faction roster falls lower than the minimum numbers required, then it will be forcefully archived.

    7.4 Groups and Factions may control a building or territories. A group may control a building, a small compound or a set of small buildings if they are strong enough to maintain it. If they are not strong enough to maintain a territory other hostile groups may push said group out of their territory. Therefore, a group or faction may try to control any territory they wish but if they aren't strong enough to hold it they can be forced out by other groups they have hostilities with. 

    7.5 Official Groups and Factions can have Allies supporting them. In the case of initiations, If you are allied with another official group and wish to support them, you must initiate on the hostile party to share KOS right with your allies.



    8 Base Building Rules


    8.0 All Bases must have one form of entry that does not require a glitch or exploit to enter. It must consist of a closed off area surrounded by walls to be considered a protected base. If a wall is broken, and left unrepaired, your base it open to being raided until it is repaired.

    8.1 Bases must be built realistically, that means no floating bases and no glitch spots. If a base is built in a city/village or a compound build up to one wall height, not on top of existing walls. If the base is located in the forest or a castle you may restore/build whilst using a 2 wall height including existing walls. You may not stack watch towers over 6 levels. If there any concerns about building ask one of our Game Masters or Admins.


    9 Base Raiding Rules


    9.0 In order to raid a base you must be justifiably hostile towards the owners, groups, and/or factions who own the base. You must properly initiate before raiding the compound, if there are members within it. You must properly initiate before raiding the compound, if there are members within it via voice and text.

    9.1 During a base raid, players are not to grief, meaning that you are not allowed to purposefully despawn items or destroy walls/gates. 

    9.2 In the event the owner of the base or any group member of said base, logs in they may KOS any player attempted to raid their base. If you find the base owner before they find you, you must initiate on them before they kill you.





    The Admin team can and will utilise a voting system in order to obtain certain verdicts, based on what could be viewed as questionable areas in the rules.


    In areas where loopholes or grey areas are brought up, rather than strictly by the rules, the staff team have the authorisation to act upon their interpretations of the rules to reach an agreeable verdict or solution.


    InfectedRP staff who are potentially biased, or involved in any way, will not be permitted to vote, verdict or punish in any events whereby they may be deemed biased. Whether due to group affiliations, prior affiliation, drama, fights or friendships. This is to make verdicts and punishments more fair for the community as a whole.



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