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  1. currently waiting on 8 desktop computers connected to a KVM switch to update to the newest version of windows

    literally kill me it’s taking f o r e v e r even on a fiber optic 1/gbps speed

    1. Aisling



      you while you wait

  2. i love desyncing out of a houses walls, running around just to see im being hit by something i cant see, and then die from an invisible force beating me to death

    dayz 2019 would buy again 10/10

  3. Nate

    @N-ToxRP will never beat my epic rap skills

    1. Taryn


      @N-ToxRP is a sellout. I heard you can pay him to make rap songs about you. 

  4. youre alright i guess good rp'er w/e you know
  5. old but G O L D



  6. I would wish you the best
    But you already had it
    You already had it, baby
    I wish you the best but you already
    Uh, you already had it, babe

    1. ToeZ


      Can't beat a bit of blackbear brother

  7. I'm gang banging and I'm dangerous
    Smith & Wesson and it's stainless
    Brand new Rari, I'm finna paint it
    She took a xanny, then she fainted
    I'm from the gutter, ain't no changing

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