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  1. *Twirls Thumbs*

  2. hello all on an OOC level i hail from Canada.. have a wife and a lil spawn that is 9 years old. oh and before i forget to warn anybody i can be a little troll-ish in my banter. if it bothers any of you please tell me to cut it. i will. (i get carried away once and a while) other than that i look forward to getting to know you all.
  3. Welcome to InfectedRP @()Mike(), it is a pleasure to have you here. If you should ever have any questions or require assistance, the Staff team is always happy to help. Enjoy your stay here at InfectedRP.

    1. ()Mike()


      thanks for having me i only hope what I've seen on the web page is only a shadow of what the role play in the server can offer.