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  1. Hello @Incognito, After reviewing your appeal we have came to the conclusion that it should of been labeled as staff disrespect then flaming. However, even though it was mislabeled you still directed your responses to attack a community member. You posted two screenshot in the Meme's channel that were directed towards the community member. In the other two screenshots we came up with the conclusion that nothing wrong doing had happened. We also want to point out that the staff member involved in the situation has already been talked to and warned for their involvement. Appeal Denied Sign @Storm and @UndercuckLV
  2. A very good Smite player
  3. Seeing a lot of streamers joining the community. If you want to be on our front page just shoot me a message.

  4. listen here bud, you smell like peaches

  5. I think the most protected vest is the chernarussian one, then the play carrier and then maybe high cap(?)
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