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  1. *his presses the radio button* "It's a little barn right outside the town of Staroye, I Get to watch those solider boys all day long" *he releases the button*
  2. *After finish his 'breakfast' he picks up the radio* Hello Mister, do you want to play a game. You go hide and I'll seek, If you win I give you a prize, but if I win I get to throw a barbecue. And the main dish will be you. Anyways have a nice day. Bye, Now" *Your hear him laughing for a little bit and the radio cuts out*
  3. *A man with a happy tone starts to speak* Ooh the Rangers are back. I remember playing a game with him and singing the wheels on the bus to him. The Ranger even won the game, he won the prize of me wearing his face. Anyways have a nice day. *He starts singing the wheels on the bus and then his radio cuts out*
  4. Hello the staff team has noticed that one of your members hasn't been on since July 15th.
  5. The title is a nickname that your character might have (For example: Ghost). The signature is just something to give character to your character page.
  6. I'm going to do it

    1. Taryn


      "Fifteen bucks little man, put that shit in my hand. If that money doesn't show, then you owe me, owe me, oh."

  7. Or get an airsoft one
  8. Surprised you didn't say AK5C
  9. This thread is to help the everyday Lone Survivor who is interest in joining a group but doesn't know which one. How this thread works: At the bottom of this thread will be a template. You will fill it out and post it on this thread. Then leaders of different groups will see that you're looking for a group and if you fit what they're looking for then they will send you a PM. Character name: Character age: Character nationality: Character occupation: Character backstory: Character traits: What group are you looking for (Hostile, Neutral, Military, extc.):
  10. Storm

    Lore Questions

    If I’m not mistaken the outbreak happened last October/November. I could be wrong.
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