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  1. hey guys i am live with some infectedRP come hang out https://www.twitch.tv/the_drunken_scotsman


  2. We Ride togeather.... We die togeather Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do... whatcha gonaa do when they come for you!!!!
  3. * He Holds the PTT with vigor* Mate yee have got that feckin dam right.... WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YEE BEEN BITCH. *He Lets go of the PTT*
  4. *After hearing the transmission Nelson in disbelief checks his equiptment to make sure nothing is wrong, after confirming everything is in order he press the PTT* Loscham is that you...... holy fuck are you alive.... Bro if that is you man i have missed the living shit out of ya bro contact me back man ill arange for ya to get picked up and brought home. *he lets go of the PTT and screams I'M NOT FUCKING ALONE YASSSSS*
  5. Link to Twitch : Games you play : stellaris, insurgency sandstorm, DayZ, MassEffect and many many more Do you have a specific time you stream ( if so what times ) : i stream everyday except from thursday and sunday starting at around 11pm GMT/BST Are you active or inactive : Active
  6. ill make sure to stop by and get wasted lol
  7. mission cannot abort must stay on mission
  8. OMG you alive boi


    1. Classic


      Hangin on by a thread, much love brother

    2. thedrunkenscoty


      back at you my man 

  9. no no you told me there was a well stocked bar bro
  10. Ma boi loscham told me i could find beer around here anyone know where LOL
  11. It's about to get lit!

  12. Welcome to the Community! Glad to have you here, if you require any assistance feel free to message me or another staff member.

    1. thedrunkenscoty


      yea man really looking forward to getting into the game and making some dam good RP and stories. ill let you know if i need anything 🙂

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