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  1. | As the Radio springs to life a rough, Horse sounding voice would come over the airwaves | "If anyone is receiving this and is in need of shall we say desperate Resupply." "well lets put it this way if ye are willin tae do some business you wid be callin oot tae the right man " "I take all kinds o orders weather it be recreational, defensive or offensive well that's your business I just fill the order " "Stay safe oot there you lot, ill be seein ya all soon " | The Radio would once again fall quiet with barely even static in the background |
  2. The true origins of the corporation date back to when Gordon and Angus Rattray were 12 and 10, respectively. They had been born into privilege, and attended the finest school in Perth, Scotland. Little is known about why they took the path they did, but they started at a tender young age. They would shoplift candy and the like from the local convenience store, and sell it to their friends at reduced prices. Not long after, they started boosting cigarettes. By the time they were teenagers, they’d gathered a small group of hangers-on, and moved to stealing and selling booze. In their late teens, they started pushing weed. By the time they hit secondary school, they were selling anything their crew could acquire, from heisted flat-screen TVs to cocaine. Due to their stellar performance in school, Gordon’s joining the Army Cadets, and all the volunteer work the brothers did, nobody ever suspected them of leading a large racketeering ring. They were the poster-children of model young men. There were rumors, but nobody took them seriously. They figured it was the less-talented youth trying to besmirch the brothers’ names. By the time they hit University, they had opened a car wash, then turned it into a chain. It was the perfect front. Both attended the University of Edinburgh. Gordon earned a Master’s in International Politics, while Angus earned one in Business Economics. When Angus graduated, they decided to take their business to the next level. The Rattray Holdings corporation was officially founded in 2006 in Perth, Scotland, and it was a total front. From the outside, it was a parent company to a large group of franchised car washes and fast food restaurants, eventually evolving into a large import-export company. On the inside, it was a trafficking ring. The brothers ran the rackets on everything from guns to drugs, and even the occasional human. By 2010, their ring spanned all the way from Inverness to Liverpool. Life was good. Their reputations were solid, and they rarely had any trouble with any law enforcement...at least none that could be traced to the head of the beast. In early 2015, the corporation got their wake-up call. One of their low-level managers sent a shipment of 50 kilos of cocaine to one of their distribution centers in Leeds. Unbeknownst to them, the center had been put under surveillance by MI-5 earlier that month. Long story short, the driver of the shipment talked and ratted out the manager. Thankfully, when a tactical team raided the manager’s house, the manager kept his mouth shut and claimed that the cocaine was his own side-business, unknown the the corporation as a whole. MI-5 didn’t buy it, and the entire corporation was investigated. The manager somehow got himself shanked in jail before he could go to trial. Almost every employee was interviewed, their books were gone over by investigators, but thanks to the diligent work of their childhood friend and President of the company, Jared Lockwood, everything unscrupulous was kept hidden, the money perfectly laundered. After moving to Poland to escape MI5 in 2017 life had resumed a calm and prosperous routine. even during the ongoing war the rattray brother found a way to make more money than they could count from the soldiers looking to unwind or the militants looking to fight back on their own accord. it was not long before the outbreak had reduced the company to only its core members leaving them vulnerable. there were only 5 of them left: Gordon, Angus, Jared, Zoran, and Jaxon. Slowly over the next few years folowing the outbreak they had dwindeled until only Gordon remained he spent a year looking for his brother angus with no sucess. With Gordon alone and with no support he nearly delved into madness. the only thing that held him back from the brink was the urge to find his brother but also to rebuild the company that he had poured his whole life into forming and so he decided to rebuild as quietly as he could and this time nothing will stand in his way. Set up a reliable trade network. Keep as neutral as possible. Taking sides is bad for business. Ensure trade agreements are upheld. If someone tries to cheat us, we ensure that they can never do so again. Ensure our reputation is solid. People will know we’re dependable, and not to be crossed. Locate the whereabouts of Angus Rattray End state: Rebuild international commerce, grow the corporation to its former glory, whether by traditional currency, or the barter system. End state: Reestablish communication with the Homeland in Scotland; find out if anyone is left there, and if so, start over. Promote excellent internal and external RP. When hostile RP is necessary, ensure it’s well-reasoned and not overkill. Promote good RP and relations within the InfectedRP community. Gordon Rattray | TheDrunkenScoty Application to the Corporation message TheDrunkenScoty -IC Name: -IC Age: OOC- Age: Timezone : Character Page: Random quote: Gordon, to a handcuffed man on the floor of one of their warehouses (before the move to Poland): “Ye know whit ‘reputation’ is? It’s people talking, It’s gossip. Reputation es everythin’, lad. Ye crossed us, An after we telt ye the price o doin’ so.” He Hammers a crowbar into The mans hands. “Now, fur you, Our reputation is SOLID.”
  3. Well done on your whitelist JD look forward to seeing you in RP, if you have any questions feel free to ask. 🙂

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  5. Ill take Kanye. it dont affect me lol would you rather burn to death or be melted by acid?
  6. Granted! But will smith would say hell no I wish i had a bottle of unlimited whisky
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  8. Water boi Gets jailed for protecting his wife's honer. ends up staying on the plane to take out some prisoners trying to escape
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