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  1. *Mashes the PTT* Sag wieder? *he chuckles* Ich kann dich immer noch nicht verstehen...er... I still can't understand your Scottish arse....Where can I meet you, cunt? *he releases the PTT*
  2. *Jams the PTT* CPT Nelson, ist das du? *twitches his head* Is that you? Herrgott, wo bist du?
  3. *radio crackles as he jams the connector pins into the encryption sockets" // A heavy German accented voice comes over comms// This is DE-479 to any UN, NATO, USFOR Anyone out there? Ich bin allein. Ich brauche Hilfe. Respond on this frequency. I need support and am looking for friendly units in the AO. Over.
  4. Welcome! Pretty sure I remember you from somewhere...
  5. Loscham


    Welcome to the community! You'll love it here!
  6. Welcome! It's a lot of fun here!
  7. Once again, stellar RP tonight, even though we were chopping logs for most of it lol. Tom learned a lot, and there's hope for his future. @Taryn, nice to finally meet you IG again! @Frosto, we'll make you a farmer yet! @Nomadxvx good fun! @Howarden, the little icon from Telltale popped up... "Tom will remember that." Fantastic! And all the rest, whose names I still don't know on the forums, can't wait to be back on. Sadly, I'll be afk until Friday afternoon/evening while I complete my training in Springfield, but Friday night, it's on!
  8. Are you proud of me?

    1. Loscham


      ❤️ I love you, bro. Missed you so much. GTFin here!

  9. *Coughs* ...shit @Mademoiselle look what the cat dragged in!
  10. Lies. Lies are spreading
  11. It's about to get lit!

  12. Is this...the Real Mexi Shady? 😮😮

  13. @Frosto, @TalliCat, and the gang in Severograd. First time back into RP and I'm blown away by everyone with whom I interacted. Even when we were lagging around and disconnecting every 3 seconds, it was amazing! Josh I couldn't find you in the character pages cause I don't remember your last name. Sonny almost made me cry. I'm amazed.
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