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  1. This COULD be an issue caused by the latest update to the game. It's played havoc on a LOT of communities. Bethesda are now actively working the problem. Perhaps before you reformat your HD and whatnot, give it a mo and see if the devs can fix their busted-ass game
  2. +1 and I believe you can mess with the weather settings. @Aeryes or @Sebbepwnyou can you verify that?
  3. In the interest of being more immersive, I'd vote for it. However, I've been told that some people had latency issues with the modded map. Severe enough to make it unplayable.
  4. Happy birthday! Goddamn you're young enough to be my kid 😛 

  5. You can also use alcohol tincture on water bottles and canteens AFTER they're filled to "disinfect" the water, thusly purifying it.
  6. I think that by a year in, most of the canned food would indeed be gone. By this point, survival would start to become more of a challenge. To be honest, I would support fully removing canned food and soda from the loot table entirely. Plastic bottles/milk bottles/liquor bottles etc should still be available as they're pretty necessary to survival as far as game mechanics go. However, when it comes to sating one's hunger, by this point in the apocalypse, the only viable options that should be available would be: Hunting Fishing Farming Cannibalism Yes, even mild-mannered Loscham suggests cannibalism. Without going into the debate on right and wrong, think of it from an RP standpoint. If you were anything but a hunter or fisher or farmer before the apocalypse, there's no guarantee that you know how to do any of those things. How to get food? Well, there's a dude with his back to you. Easy meal. Granted everyone knows the game mechanics for hunting/fishing/farming, but does your character? Just some food for thought (terrible pun entirely intended).
  7. Agreed. Also, what happened to the middle finger emote?
  8. Hello! Welcome to the community! Hope you have fun! Feel free to DM myself or any staff on here or on discord with any questions (or post in the support channel)!
  9. Loscham


    Welcome! Hope you have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to drop any staff a DM here or on the discord!
  10. Where the fuck you lookin', mate? I scour a massive apple orchard and find NOTHING.
  11. In looking for solutions to this problem, we must think on how complex the proposed solution is to the (community) developers. I'm sure @Aeryes and @Sebbepwnyou can back me up on this. Going in and changing spawn rates of certain items is one thing. Changing the map is something else entirely. It would indeed be recommended to keep it a bit simple, at least in the short run. Reduce canned food spawns, or eventually remove them altogether, so that the only way to get food is to hunt, farm, or eat people. Winter is coming. Whilst sheep, goats, and cows would be alive and well during that climate, the deer and rabbits would be hibernating, so maybe we can do something with that, just so long as we remember to fix it when spring arrives. I can also do some research on if any of the produce we have here would be able to grow in this region during winter climates, however we could also (temporarily) reduce or remove the effectiveness of farming. If you reduce weapon spawns, you're going to have problems of the larger groups hoarding weapons, and then the loot tables will be fucked.
  12. Dedicated staff member and developer. Always willing to help any way he can!
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