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  2. My Wooden Nickel: I personally have been satisfied with the current events, I just feel that we are being barraged too frequently. My complaints: Slave Traders: You came down as an affiliate of a group which members of the SRD have seen before and that they know trades people. It was the SRD's idea to do something about that. While I was not there when you literally brought a slave to our door, I don't know how you wouldn't expect that to end in bullets. This being said, had I been there I would have actually interrogated the freed slave and spoken to them before we brought the hammer down, but inevitably we would have. The SRD and The Syndicate do have morals, slave trading = No Bueno. From what I understand it was also a third party who accelerated that process, I think we could have gotten more out of that but sometimes things like that happen in RP. There is no way for eventmasters, Syndicate, or SRD to expect the UNexpected (see what i did there) so lets calm this thread down and not let emotions ruin a conversation. Im not complaining that it went to bullets, im complaining that the staff members running it seriously expected it not to. The UN: I have no complaints on a large scale, just some small points I would like to make. The UN decided to break a ceasefire instead of talking to us peacefully when offered a chance. It makes 0 sense in my mind for a PEACEkeeping force... come on dude. The UN tased a compliant hostage TWICE then they shot him in the leg thus robbing him of any dignity and civility he had at the moment. The UN then threatened execution should we continue to venture into the compound. These are all direct violations of the Geneva conventions Under section 3 articles 12-14 of the third convention. To call the UN forces in the region anything less than a rogue unit at this point would be ridiculous. Perhaps an event where the UN HC denounces that unit and they die would be in order so that the UN could show up and you know, actually comply with the geneva and hughes conventions. You literally told me "It is going to be a few hours, just go away" at the front gate. Of course we were going to open fire after that, no one trusted you, I even made sure that the SRD were ok with going through with it. \_(ツ)_/¯ evidence for 2 Furthermore, I do have positive things to say as well: Overall, I am very happy that we have been able to get players involved in events like these, but we just need more of a mixed bag. The UN: I love this story line, it is amazing. The UN have been creating some very interesting drama. I think their presence has been great for giving us something to keep us on our toes. The whole town is on edge, every time a car rolls around the first thing you tend to hear is "Oh shit, is it the UN?" and that is amazing that the staff team have been able to generate a faction that actually has some weight in politics of the state of Chernarus without having to be present 24/7. Then they take Spyke which we all expected to happen, and that gave us some good RP. Even after we broke in we had some quality RP at the gate to the basement. You guys holding him hostage and yelling at us was amazing. Then, the negotiations for Spyke, tier 10. It was awesome and I know we all loved that. I know I may not have said much positive, but believe me when I say that in the grand scope, I think the new event masters are doing great. Closing suggestion: Don't do a complete 180 because of a few complaints. Just give us some tweaks based on feedback and just maintain a cool composure. I of all people understand what it is like to get upset when people bring up criticism on something I worked hard on, so just know that everyone in the Syndicate loves the events, just please process this feedback and actually use it because we think it could be better.
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  4. *Roy would put his shirt back on and pack up his medical supplies* (he just finished stitching up a wound on his left arm) *Roy would then pick up his radio and press down the PTT* "*roy would let out a long "Wooh!* Ladies and Gentlemen of these here Chernarussian lands, have I got some news for you!" *Roy would clear his throat theatrically* "I- Roy Kalo, as a leader of the murderous town of Chernogorsk hereby denounce the UN on behalf of the SRD and my own Syndicate. The time has come to fill in the people on what really happened today. The UN rocked up today to Albion and took our beloved Spyke captive. They did this over the murder of an 'asset' a man who Spyke took out after the man had killed someone in front of everyone." "Next, the UN took him up to their home in Sinistok and held him against his will. The SRD caught on and they came to me and my boys for assistance." "At hearing this, I knew I had to do the right thing and save Mister Spyke from the corrupt murderers that the UN have become" "Me and my boys rolled up with the SRD on the UN base in sinistok, I requested that they hand Spyke back to us and they denied. Then i humbly requested that they atleast allow me in to see the proceedings and ensure that he was being treated fairly. To this, they became overly hostile and denied him that basic right which should be unalienable." "At this point, I saw the only way to save Spyke was to fight my way to him, so thats what we did. Myself, 3 of my boys, and 4 of the SRD began our assault" "I personally gunned down 5 of these men and some of my associates picked up a few more. This left two men who locked themselves into the basement of the base holding guns to Spyke's head. We attempted to convince them to come out, but there was nothing we could do. every time we tried something, they reminded us that they were locked in with a 'hostage'" "After about an hour of trying to get these men to turn themselves in, the began threatening Spykes life. 'Try anything again and we put a bullet in his head'. At this point they also began shooting him in his legs in an attempt to get us to stop pushing inside their basement. So, out of the fear of losing a friend, I demanded that my men and the SRD leave the compound with a promise from the 2 remaining UN men that they would not kill Spyke and that they would release him. This is how the situation ended, we left because they began to torture and and threaten his life" *Roy would sigh, not sounding as happy as before* "This is the truth. The UN have become corrupt, much like the previous government agencies which we have seen in this country. I think it is safe to say that the old world is gone. We can no longer be lulled into a false sense of security by previous world agencies only to be betrayed and mistreated" "It is with an open mind and optimistic outlook that I mention the following." "The Syndicate will be moving to fulfill needs for people beyond that of weaponry and pharmaceuticals. There is a gap in the way things should be and we will fill it. From this point on, I pledge to you, the Good people left in Chernarus, that The Syndicate will bring about this change" "However, we cannot do this alone. So at this, I urge all of you living in the shadows to step forward and take up arms against these oppressors. To those of you who wish to remain out of the fighting, we understand. No harm will come to you should you remain out of the frey." "I know the SRD will join our cause, for they are righteous and seek to end these negative impacts on our segment of the world." "Looking forward to a better tomorrow, Kalo out" *The frequency would return to its normal empty fuzz*
  5. bang: moody Kill: Melon Marry: Joey Parent Edition: @ZombyOG @Xehara @Reaper
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    youre not missing a limb 1. I am Italian 2. I live in the same city as Panda 3. Ive been on national TV 4 times
  7. Reckhara ore Xeless
  8. ET dude gets mad at colonel sanders and becomes a football star, much to the dissapointment of his mom who was wrong about alligators
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