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  1. found this gem of a signature in the depths. thanks @Alexis

  2. 4.0 is my least favorite rule


    1. MoodyOG
    2. RecklessWB


      @MoodyOG I said least favorite

      'not i hate it

  3. signature changed yet?

    1. RecklessWB




      dad said no...



    2. PandaOG


      😞 hahahahaha GOOD

  4. Howdy! welcome to the server
  5. Welcome to Infected RP, hope you have a good time my guy.
  6. Agreed, what just happened felt a little intense. Especially considering the reporting party’s feeling on the outcome. Final warning should be utilized more. I worry for the state of the server because as it appears now a chunk of the population will be walking out because of the outcome today. Being a staff isn’t about having the power to just ban people who break every rule as soon as possible. It’s about being able to have the discernment to decide proper punishments which give the offender a fair punishment while not just fucking them given the chance. In conclusion I’m not saying anything was done wrong. It just could have been better. +1
  7. loved the way you submitted the group page, it looks really nice. The way you planned more goals for later was interesting as well, hope to run into you! Good luck boys
  8. It’s a yes from me. For the change of scenery more than anything. Never finding anything new on the map gets a little boring after the first 700 hours. The RP potential is also a big yes from me, watching people play groups based around america instead of being based around Chernarus would be amazing, changing the map would change the entire RP dynamic. However, I do agree that changing the map would probably lead to a bit of a server population rise followed by a drop leaving us with less than we have now. Overall,+1
  9. Granted, but he has parkinsons. I wish Futurama would reboot.
  10. Roy picks up his radio and flick the butt of his cigarette onto the unsuspecting pavement.He then presses down the PTT "Aye, this is Roy Kalo of the Black Roses with a bit of a PSA" Roy releases his PTT and lets out a cough before pressing it down again "For anyone unaware, the Roses are occupying and actively patrolling the western half of South Zagoria with several stations throughout. Our headquarters is located in Vybor, anyone looking for housing or business inquiries should come here and attempt to contact me or my brother Bobby, but there are rules to living within the walls." "Rule 1. No one is to reside in the town without receiving permission from a member of the Rose leadership, anyone who disobeys this rule will have their belongings auctioned out to the highest bidder after being raided by the Rose's IRS division" "Rule 2. Tombstone is in full swing, no one in town is permitted to start conflicts with another civilian. However, if there is a need for conflict, contact a member of the roses to arrange a fair dual, the fate of the loser is up to the discretion of the victor." "Rule 3. Respect the Roses, there's no need to kiss shoes every time you see an armband, but don't be a dick and do what we tell you." "Rule 4. Use common sense, if you think it will piss us off don't do it here, we are trying to make an orderly civilization"
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