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  1. Does a great job running InfectedRP!
  2. I disagree with a lore wipe. If anything, if and when we get a second server and new map, we should intertwine the lore since it's in the same "world/universe"
  3. "Let's get this series goin"
    "Let's get the subs a flowin"
    "So come join us, we'll get fucked up and get this RP rollin"

  4. Currently writing up a group idea. This has been taking awhile. Hopefully I can get some interest rolling around. ❤️ 


  5. Welcome to Blue!


  6. You know my stance to always put RP over PVP, but everyone does deserve a second chance (depending on how serious of issue the subject would be) Mistakes can be learned through time. Just don't make too big of a mistake because there are some things you just can't take back. We are here to RP and have fun. Always got to keep that in mind. Love you all lads!
  7. +1 Time to focus on RP and not PVP
  8. Link to Twitch : Games you play : DayZ, Gmod, etc. Do you have a specific time you stream ( if so what times ) : No Specific times, usually at night EST. Are you active or inactive : Active
  9. Hi lads! Glad to be here and i'm looking forward to RPing with you all! 😄

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