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  1. Good song gets me in the spirit of Ellis

  2. Please save for me some gallantry that will echo when I'm gone

  3. Cribbapples um i mean crabbapples


    1. Taryn



  4. Honestly im pretty proud of my character and my plan's

  5. ALRIGHTY method back responding quite frankly im over all this whole thread it has devolved into a complete back and forth of im right your wrong No im right and your wrong this does not solve anything puts us back at square one with every post @MoodyOG if you want a rp hub done one way do it that way. If you want to say the novo groups rp was bad and not constructive why did you not open a new one make the rp paradise you figure you know is better. Instead of constant complaints about the neutrality or how someones rp isnt up to your standard do it your way. That being said dont strong arm people to rp the way you do as i have seen people do in other servers It drives people away Hell thats why im even in this community because it became a chore to get on the other server one group controlled everything you see them you had to hide or you would be tortured for information for 5 mins and have almost everything except the bear minimum stolen to skirt the rules. it was a chore to get in game do when i was told about this place i joined. @Melon23 i dont have a problem with you but when a character has notoriety you dont like try changing characters see how people react to said character or relearn the reasoning for said notoriety and either live with it as long as the character is alive or work to change peoples opinions or maybe its it time to hang up said characters cape for a time bring them back when the heat dies down Inshort EVERYONE simmer down look in a mirror and say what is missing from rp and get in game and do it at least thats what i try to do. All of this was from my phone apologies guys for grammer/ punctuation error’s
  6. Alright i just got home now i'm trying to act as a middle party here On other such servers like this that i've been apart of its been a constant pvp fest i remember at more than once I spawned in kab when it was a hot spot and it was an active fire fight in which i was shot and killed on one occasion now that was on a much higher pop server with base building not being a thing but that's sorta the reason even if there is a hub i don't spawn in there so that's why personally id didn't mind the novo compound and how they ran things but that's my opinion. now back to the conversation not admitting the novo compound did anything right makes you out to be one sided moody at this point it would be more constructive to the conversation for people to list things that both were good and bad how you do that or if you do do that is up to you that sorta goes for everyone who is trying to say novo was bad just saying the same tired things i've heard in now 2 community s doesn't solve anything using arguments like neutrality bad or my old rp hub i ran did it this way meaning anything that isn't doing it that way is bad and shouldn't exist is forming the Us vs them mentality you are saying is being formed against you and WILL NOT fix anything it will just cause more of the same figure out the issues and look to fix them. ill start with a little example of things i liked and didn't good things about novo constant rp spot felt like it was actual town of people things i didnt like felt like people would try to cause trouble ie: someone throwing a flash bang at a savior for no reason while inside the walls felt way out of the way theirs more i could do but im just trying to start it off stuff like that or something maybe im ranting or just talking im not sure i just got off work and saw this thread and felt like i needed to respond I dont know where you got the idea I had a us vs them mentality against you or you just overly generalized to make a statement idk its 2 am
  7. Welcome my dude

  8. Actually a really good song

  9. Jesus it's mother trucking walnuts 

  10. Man looking at the body of a victim of the great water plague circa 2019 


  11. 5 hours for nothing great feature 

  12. a2c2f2d0c45291ba2dd21d1c3e690958.jpg

    Here lies the bodies of the pet rocks who died in the storm if you have any words say them below


  13. *Entire pet rock collection is watching*
  14. Qcfgek.gif

    If anyone has a problem raising their pet rock let me know in game i will be giving training classes for your family pet

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    2. Method


      more than likely 

    3. Horse


      Where can I adopt a pet rock?

    4. Method


      Only in Novo in chernovs in the novo compound we have the purest of breeds from granite to limestone painted and not no eyes to multiple we sell food/ care items for you pet rocks only at chernov's.

  15. For a community that has such a small player base as it is it feels like stacking points to a ban instantly does not seem like a smart / good decision.
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