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  1. Move your ram from one slot to another is what he's saying. You have multiple bays for the ram. Either way, when you get a blue screen and can capture the error code, google the code. It'll tell you a big portion of the problem. If you're redownloading windows you have to INSTALL it while it's attached to the computer it's meant for. Don't try installing it on a harddrive in another computer then move that harddrive, it wont work. It's going to install based on the hardware in the computer and if it's not a carbon copy for each, you'll be missing files. 0cx0000017 is the error if you want to google it further.
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    The Bear's Key

    (Event logo credit to @FuglyGinger) Event Date: 21 September 2019 @ 5:00 PM CST Event Location: Near Lopatino Castle Event Backstory With no further thoughts or complaints, they packed up in their heavy-duty military truck and began driving far, far away. The group of 4 Russian defectors traveled through the long, winding roads of Russia, driving far away from the ensuing civil war plaguing the country after the chaos of the European pandemic caused thick lines of ideology and praxis to be quickly drawn. Their mission unknown to everyone except them and those they planned to help, they set off to a tiny country in the south, where the threat of insurrection was around every shadowy, infected-laden corner. A tiny country named Chernarus. With food, water, money, military supplies, and classified Russian intelligence, the 4 made their way through Russia and the rough drive through the Black Mountains, barely making it through with the truck intact. They did not know how to contact their allies; only that they existed and would respond to radio contact within Chernarussian frequency ranges. All would have gone to plan, had one of their defecting members not hidden the fact that just several weeks ago, he was bitten. As they planned for a refuel at the gas station near the South Zagoria-Center Kopek evacuation zone, the chaos of the infection became personal to them. Their sickly comrade, in a sudden fit of unbridled rage, viciously attacked the driver, clenching his teeth and fingers through the man’s uniform and tearing pieces of flesh off his body and neck. “Fuck, FUCK, HE’S TURNING!” the soldier in the backseat quickly reached for his MP-443 tucked on his leg holster, but the death of the driver sent the truck into a tumultuous thrashing down the side of the road and into the chaos of the forest, causing his gun to fly out of his hand and smash his head against the headrest of the front seat. His partner on the other side, unable to suppress his impact, had his neck broken immediately from the truck’s sudden stop. His left arm broke cleanly from the wrenching impact of him breaking the impact of his face to the headrest, and his knee slamming into the bottom of the seat bruised his patella horribly. With his infected comrade smashed against the windshield, he took what little time he had to reach over for his dead comrade’s pistol, unholstering it and unleashing 4 rounds into the clamoring infected’s body. Panting, crying, cursing under his breath in pain, he pulled himself out from behind the seat, falling to the forest floor with another cry of pain. The crash had sent their supplies riddled throughout the forest, their long-range transceiver miraculously undamaged in the back of the cargo truck. With a pained grunt and a motion upward, he shoddily climbed to the top of the truck, holstering his new pistol and crawling toward the radio, setting it to the only frequency he knew—the open airwaves. “This is Lieutenant Borislav Vershnovsky of the 2nd—” Suddenly, he stopped his Russian transmission. The man had an obviously heavy Russian accent, and his pronunciation was curiously off. “This is Lieutenant Borislav Vershnovsky… requesting S-O-S support from any allied forces of the Chernarussian Defense Forces out here. If-if you can hear, I am injured near a lar… large castle in west South Zagoria. My arm is broke an-and I can barely walk. Send medical support, ASAP! You can have any… any supplies, guns, food, Ruble… if you help me.” Dropping the transceiver’s recorder beside him, he shut the radio off, resting his back against it as he viewed the lump in his lower forearm from his bone nearly protruding out of his skin. Still panting in shock and pain, he prayed to whatever God was out there that someone arrived quickly, and should someone other than his allies arrive, that they knew nothing about why he was really there. Event Details Survivors with radios attuned to open frequencies would be able to hear the Russian soldier’s distress call. Only characters with IC knowledge of a “castle in western South Zagoria” would understand where the Russian soldier was referring to. The crash site presumably carries food, money, and military-grade equipment, as well as any leftover supplies on the dead soldiers’ bodies—or his, should he, for whatever reason, die in the event. Be warned, however—the deafening sound of a multi-ton military truck crashing and the subsequent gunfire is sure to attract more than just the living… Event Possibilities The Bear's Key is the introductory event for Lovec and as such will be the first to determine how Lovec will interact with survivors and the country as a whole in the future. The future actions of Lovec are entirely deterministic based on how they perceive the survivor population in their country. The Unfortunate Survivors: 1. Survivors locate the crashed Russian truck. 2. Survivors assist Lovec in their mission at the truck, either via interrogation of the crash survivor or in retrieval and acquisition of supplies from the truck. 3. Survivors and Lovec depart amicably, sharing supplies from the truck and feeling no direct animosity toward each other, Lovec recognizing that survivors may be more accepting of their mission and taking it into account as they proceed. The Troubling Meddlers: 1. Survivors locate the crashed Russian truck. 2. Survivors are either neutral, uncaring, or apathetic to Lovec's mission at the crash site and provide little assistance or antagonize during interrogation and acquisition of supplies. 3. Survivors and Lovec depart, Lovec reluctant to share supplies and feeling suspicious or otherwise concerned about the role survivors may play in their goals. The Loathsome Foreigners: 1. Survivors locate the crashed Russian truck. 2. Survivors are openly antagonistic, hostile, unhelpful, or otherwise disruptive, hindering or preventing Lovec from completing their mission. 3. Survivors and Lovec depart, Lovec openly announcing their disgust of survivors' actions and recognizing their blatant disregard for their goals, never forgetting how they acted in their first potential breakthrough of their mission and goals. Event Goals 1. Introduce Lovec officially to the server and its lore. 2. Catalyze a long-term lore-expanding event saga. 3. Provide an external form of RP relatively unrelated to current server politics. 4. Create an event that survivors feel they have more control over by allowing multiple organic possibilities that will determine the possible outcome(s) and development of future events.
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