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  1. Added Textures: -Yellow Sneakers -Post Malone T-Shirt -Brave Little Toaster T-Shirt -Pink Floyd T-Shirt -Pink Floyd Hoodie
  2. That stinging in the chest, the tightness of someone holding onto your heart just enough to suffocate, it lingers. It's not the hands left unheld or the lips left unkissed. It's the free fall when something horrible happens and no one is there to wrap you up and catch you. The reality of how alone we each are if we're not actively trying to form every connection we can. We collect people, friends, co-workers, whatever the label may be we collect people so when something bad happens there's someone else there to feel the ripple. Someone to care if we're okay or not. I'm just as quick to welcome in people as I am to put up walls so I can protect myself from them. I think that's part of what happened. I put up walls. I removed myself and made it all about you. You had no choice but to abide by the path I'd carved out. Then I couldn't help but be sad, and that's where the problem lies isn't it? I'm a mess, and who wants to pick up a mess? I guess this is where I get off the ride, let go and mourn in my silent seclusion until I can find a way to stand without feeling like I need support. I still collect people, I just continue to keep my heart to myself. I still care as much as I ever did, I just know it's not fair to anyone to be tied to me while I'm feeling so low.
  3. Xehara

    The Rescue

    Let me go write up Amy again, you need one less UN doctor now.
  4. until
    Location: Radio Station South of Sitnik What: Vigil for the Fallen, a time to remember those we've lost Bring torches and chemlights as we honor the fallen and their memory.
  5. The sound of multiple cassette players could be heard as her voice came back over the radio in response. "Whenever you would like to come by, we're located in the radio tower south of Sitnik. That said, this coming Sunday we will be holding a vigil for those who have fallen, coupled with a memorial broadcast. If you'd like to put in a request for anyone special to you, please reach out. Bring torches and chemlights to the radio station on Sunday evening. In the meantime, back to our month long tribute to love. Up first is Little River Band's Reminiscing, followed by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble with The House is A Rockin' and closing out the block with Kiss With a Fist by Florence + The Machine." "Its still coat weather with frequent down pours, so make sure to stock pile on heat packs or ... cooked meat for some people? I'm no one to judge," she laughed softly. "There's been rumors of a group of bandits entering the country carving into people. It's best to go out in pairs or more, be cautious of your surroundings. What their goals are is still unknown. From what we know, as long as you remain respectful and stay out of their way they should leave you be. The amount of carriers in Sitnik has greatly reduced since the assault mounted by locals in the area. Wolf sightings are still frequent, but at least that brings food with each kill. Canned food items do have a shelf life, so make sure you check your supplies before consuming to ensure they haven't expired. I also got a message that a false eye has been recovered in Topolin. Unfortunately the finder of said eye did not leave any information on how to get back in touch with them. Next up is Hold On by KT Tunstall, followed by Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz and wrapping up the block with Talk Too Much by COIN." "Sitnik is still in dire need of medical professionals, and I am still looking for survivalists to come in to provide our listeners with some expert tips. Don't forget to stock up on weapons and ammunition while here, brought to you by our sponsors, Rattary Corporation. Closing out this evening broadcast is Neighbor Song by Lake Street Dive. This has been Karmen Rowe with Living in Livonia, signing off."
  6. Server will go down for roughly 30 minutes for us to update the InfectedRP Mod Pack and perform any needed server maintenance.
  7. The sound of a cassette player turning came over the airwaves with amazing quality, whatever she had done to improve the transmission seemed to be working. "That was Lonestar with What About Now, requested by Mister Rattary," the grin could be heard as she said his name. "A nice warm coat is needed if you're venturing out today, and make sure you patch up your socks. Warm feet are essential to survival. We've relocated south of Sitnik, can't miss the bright radio tower. It's a vast improvement, though we still are in need of metal sheets. As many as we can get. If you have any, we're willing to trade. Also, in the move I've discovered I have an abundance of things not needed, so in the coming weeks we are going to be starting a raffle to give some of the more valuable things away. For now, lets get into our first music block. Up first is an emotional ballad by ARCHIS called Let Me Love, then Hell and You by Amigo the Devil." "The other night I had a visitor, in my old home prior to the move. She was suffering from recent injuries and infections, and I was at a loss on how to properly help her. It's something that is humbling and reminds us of just how dire our situation is. If you have medical training of any kind, you're greatly needed. Whether you set up in Sitnik or somewhere else, reach out. Those of us that remain need the mundane of doctor visits and wellness checks now more than ever. Those survivalists out there who can offer any kind of aid to the living, we're once more located south of Sitnik. We'd love to have you on the air. News is slow, but if you have a story to report leave a message at our door if we're not home. This is Karmen Rowe with Living in Livonia, sponsored by Rattary Corporation signing off. Closing out, this is Shawn James with Through the Valley."
  8. Xehara

    Need Metal

    "Greetings, this is Karmen Rowe. I've recently located a new residence with better signal, I just need some building supplies to finish setting up and moving in. If anyone has any..." she paused, muttering to someone in the background before coming back, "Metal Sheets..? Yes, if you have any metal sheets please come to the radio station south of Sitnik. I'll pay."