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  1. I'm not sure why removing the tag would do anything different, I figure just change the rule for that channel? It says NSFW but you can't post Nudity? (Which by definition of NSFW is classified under the same umbrella) it doesn't really make sense. You can't say not to post things in there that aren't safe for minors when I could found the last few posts in there on my right hand that are inappropriate for children. Regardless, NSFW isn't safe for work (obviously) but also not safe for minors? No shit.
  2. KAC PDW and LAR (FN-FAL) are my favorites thus far.
  3. Eagerly waiting for your acceptance so we can start playing ❤️

  4. hello and welcome foo, get this mans whitelist accepted


  5. I spy with my little eye a fellow i know.

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