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  1. Hello and welcome to the Change-log for 12/05 Update of InfectedRP-Modpack Thing that will is added : Added in InfectedRP Loading screen Added in SR-25 and SR-25 Green Added in Stubby Grip and Vertical Foregrip Added in new a new Bipod Added in a Longrange optic for M4s and SR-25 Added in a new Red Dot Optic Added in M249 Added in MAT-49 Added in Colt M45A1 Added in more Storage options Added in Earphones Added in Camping Flashlight Added in 4 new Melee Weapons made by Reaper Added in “Drag” function on Cigarettes Added in Smoke effect for Cigarettes Added in Smoke Package Added in Meth Added in Cocaine Added in 101 Ways To Microwave A Chicken Book Added in ColaZero and Soul Mans Ale Added in Cheeseburger in Can Added in Berezino Map edits. Added in Svetlojarsk map edits Changes Fixed Shelves so they show items on it. Fixed hitbox for most items so they are pickupable Fixed items so they lay on the ground instead of floating Fixed Laptop so it’s placable in the right way Fixed Pillow so it doesn’t float Fixed so gunracks work Reverted Zombie health back to default ( slow zombies are still in until winter is over ) Removed Suomi KP/-31 due to crash issues
  2. Idea name: Change map to Napf Reason for the idea: Its a pretty good map and throws back memories to Arma 2 dayz Description: Napf map for DayZ Standalone Links/Pictures: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1917921897
  3. I <SebbePwnYou> Agree to V2 of the InfectedRP staff TOS Agreement. <2019-11-18>
  4. We swapped from Winter -> Normal when the winter was over, maybe we should add it back in November
  5. I hate your profile 

  6. Oh man, this Weeb feeling on my profile is so good thanks @Jacob

  7. Download link for the last update has been updated in both Changelog thread and "How To Download"

  8. Server update will happen in 15 minutes

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