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  1. *turns on his radio* "if I find any of you fucking freaks near where I live ill be sure to give you over 600 rounds of lead in your face " *releases radio PTT*
  2. it was when i was turning 16 i have a genetic disorder in my family called apaleasha (if u done know look it up ) basically if you have it your hair starts to fall out , and yes one faithful day my hair just fucking left me on one patch of my head . I was completely bald on the back of my head and it was something i wanted to hide so i ONLY wore hats at any social engagement i had , I had this problem for many years until recently , but all my closest friends would banter and call me the peanut since i looked like i had a shiny peanut for a head . and thats how it came to be , i hid the name since i thought it wasn't something I wanted to have but i learned to embrace it and make to my own and I've been stuck with it ever since and also from other communities the name Peanut carries weight and has a long history behind it with some funny encounters and hijinks that i might post here sometime but people who were here know who i am and the things i did .
  3. Picks up old radio from his pack and speaks over a open broadcast "Uh ...hello this is Nickoli I've been gone for a while but I've returned back to my home country , I've forgot how quiet it is here and how fresh the air is its almost like I've never been here and this is all new to me , I've missed this place very much. I have been gone for a very long time and I have explored and have been and seen many new faces but there was nothing out there , its all gone and there isn't anything left so I rather live out the rest of my life in my own lands than somewhere else hopefully if any of my old friends hear this then they will answer my call and hail that they are alive at least , Moody if your there friend im back i hope you haven't crushed everyone head yet old friend *chuckles * , well im heading off ill be up north if anyone is there ill be there in the apartments near noveya i hope to see someone soon Nickoli out ". Stops broadcasting and goes to static
  4. ZOMBIE my dude 

    this is where u were hiding 😜 hows it going

  5. PeanutOG


    just wanted to say hello and im glad im finally white listing into the server I've seen the good rep you guys are making and im wanting to add to the pool of good RP that im seeing here . I am a old RP player thats played for many years in other RP servers and I know quite a few people here , but hopefully though time you will get to know me as well so being that said see you in game
  6. hmmmm I know you

    1. PeanutOG


      you must be mistaken stranger * cover face with cloke and slides back into the darkness*


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