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  1. I'm glad that you are now Fixing it Svenne, but I just wanted to add this in real quick. Not only, as several people have mentioned, it is unrealistic in the sense that it only works 50 to 100 meters around your character (probably 50 meters). That, and given the current time and season of the Lore/Server, the Tall Grass should be wilting and dying, preparing for the coming winter. Now, I do like the idea of Tall Grass, but it is taxing on lower end systems IRL. That, and it isn't exactly fair to those who can see people out in flat fields, while they might not see them because of how tall it is. Not to mention it can provide an easy means of Initiation on unsuspecting people. This is all well and good, but the advantage lay solely within the person who can see the other at a distance. If there was some means to have it further in view distance, making it harder for people to see others from far away. That would be a good solution, that or Tall Grass exists everywhere and there is a forced mechanic that forces everyone to have it. Again, while a good idea, it would practically make those with lower end PCs/Laptops unable to play. But it is already being fixed, so I'm not concerned. I just thought I would bring up a better point than my first post.
  2. Pls remove. It's completely pointless...
  3. "Twelve Gauge Bucket... Chicken Nuggets...." *Grins*

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  4. As the Title states, I would like to ask of what exactly do the various medical items do for a character. I know of the new pills and medications work for diseases or certain infections. I was wondering what did what specifically. Also, regarding Epinephrine and Morphine Stim Shots, what do these do for the character? I understand the the Epi still works for your "SHOCK" value. But what does the Morphine do for a character? If Staff would like to post values here, for everyone's use, it would be very much appreciated.
  5. Come on ref! It was a foul move on the defensive side. Not offense. This is bull. T.E.N.
  6. Is a chill dude. I mean look at that Avatar. Anyone can trust a Caesar with a beer.
  7. How I feel when I met the @The Marshal last night. And he was going around tight turns with the Ural. Not to mention it is exactly the same situation I met @Chaostica the day prior.
  8. Yes, keeping in touch with the Community is key to any sort of Forum/Community RP site. We need to keep this up, and keep concerns of the community in the minds of the Staff.
  9. Well for character story lines and the like, I would understand not wishing to "Clean the Slate" as it were. But it would be significantly hard to describe how all the South Zagorian region was moved, if none of the other countries/governments couldn't be fucked to do all with it right now. The only governments actually directly involved with Survivors is the Chernarus Government, maybe the UN/NATO, and less likely Russia. It would be very hard to explain, for the Lore Masters, how any of these countries suddenly decided that the resources to expend such a movement were worth it. Especially with their own Infection issues. *Shrugs* But that it just me. I think that trying to keep the current lore would be great, but how to work it all out reasonably would be very hard for the LMs to do.
  10. I think that if this were to happen, a new lore would be more fitting than trying to incorporate how the old lore affects this new map and lore. Honestly, it would probably make things more difficult as it would take time to explain things, and it could cause issues with new and old characters. Especially if we constitute it as a American Region. Doesn't really make any sense whatsoever how all, most, or some characters from South Zagoria made it to the US. As I think that is what the new map is.
  11. Oi, Aisling. When you coming back over? Do I need to EMP Putt Putt? Lol, JK. Hope to see you around.

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      Hello Thatcher, I am here

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      Good to see you back in the fight! See you server side one day


  12. Here some fookin EMPs mate... *Tosses an EMP at his XBOX* Say goodbye to that Siege Elo.

  13. *Tosses an EMP... or several.* Oi. Here is some fookin EMP love Nay Nay. Everyone else got one, so you get one too>

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      Fookin shite lady! Trying to fookin Kill me!


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      I hit exactly where I wanted to, if I wanted you dead....well you know the saying

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      Abuse. I am calling in ABUSE!

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