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  1. Fear will defeat reason. 

  2. Everyone has the "privilege" to play on this server in whatever way they choose as long as they are inline with the rules. Rules are made to be followed not consistently attacked. If I don't see the RP I want, I go out and figure out how to make it fun. Sure you can make a change suggestion and provide reasons why something should change, however its up to the owners of the Community to make the right decisions based on input from Staff, contributing members of the community and they have been doing an excellent job since I've joined. Remember this is a private server and you've been vetted to be allowed to play on it. The amount of time and energy to set something like this community up is staggering and we shouldn't add tons of unnecessary tasks to the Staff involved in that process. Thank you,
  3. I'm from the USA East coast and the ping is high, however I haven't had any issues on the server since joining.
  4. Let's just turn grass off and run around on dirt.. Honestly whoever runs the server should be more than capable of analyzing and testing what should work best for the community and I'll be fine with whatever decision will be made.
  5. If you're feeling a little Patriotic and are getting ready for the big holiday then you gotta try this out!


    1. Highlander


      Wonder what it tastes like....cause I mean, that could be glorious or awful.

    2. Vandal


      I picked one up today. I'm not really sure. It semi reminds me of a Fruit roll-up.

  6. I love the tall grass. It makes it much harder to deal with infected and wolves up close. Your never going to get a perfect system as objects and terrain only renders so far with bohemia games so some level of role play is needed when looking out beyond rendering distances. If you see a man in a gillie at 700 meters in a field laying down, chances are you should never have saw him in the first place. I run into the same thing in Arma all the time... Say we're moving through a grassy area and some loser turns his grass off because he either wants better fps or doesn't like how the ai can spot you through it. He is now able to spot land mines from any distance and it kills the immersion because thinks he has eagle eyes and calls all of them out.. Sometimes you just need to role play situations to enjoy the various moments. One of my best moments in this community so far is moving at dusk through an area and hearing the howling of wolves. It felt absolutely crazy not being able to engage from a distance as I wasn't able to get clear lines of sight.
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