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  1. So I'm going to be putting up the collected video's of those who are from the Cantina to share with all. Let's start with last night....
  2. Here is a brief rundown on the uses of medical and other supplies found in game. Alcoholic Tincture, Disinfectant - Sterilise rags before bandaging to prevent a bleeding wound from becoming infected. Chlorine Tablets: Sterilise water to make it safe to drink Charcoal Tablets, Tetracycline Pills - Charcoal used to counter ingested sickness (bad water, etc) Tetracycline used to counter infections and some diseases (infection from non sterile bandages or zombie hit, flu, colds etc.) Codeine Pills, Morphine - Used to immediately heal the effects of 'broken' limbs or other effects staggering your character. Epinephrine Auto-Injector - Used to awaken the unconscious, unless they have low blood volume which they would then need to recover blood volume with either Saline Bag or Blood Bag. They can recover blood volume naturally but would have to be force fed food and water. Can also provide a temporary stamina recovery boost, does not increase your stamina. Adds shock value and can reset the shock value back to max. Multivitamin Pills - Provides Positive Health agents and decreases chance of getting sick. Note: The new health system in DayZ works on Positive and Negative health agents. Taking Multivitamins, keeping yourself well fed, increases your positive agents if taken routinely. Multiple things in game now provide negative health agents, such as weather (being cold and wet), water, blood loss, infected contact all produce negative health agents. It's like a sliding scale now, the higher the positive the 'healthier' you are, the more negative make you more susceptible to becoming sick and requiring treatment. Make sure when using any medical treatment such as pills that the pill icon that appears when you've consumed one vanishes before you consume another, or you cancel out the benefits of the one taken prior. These are the current listed medical conditions that are found in DayZ. For those who need it, this a blood transfusion chart: I hope this clears it up for you somewhat in how each medical items is used.
  3. So I'm going to put my two cents in on this one. I do agree that after a time food supplies would be limited, but keeping in mind that the lore currently has the infection crisis at less then a year old, there would still be a fair amount of food around. Most disaster scenarios will see people stockpiling and preparing to 'hold out'. Some stores, generally large ones, will carry between 40,000 to 50,000 different items, then add more to that in the total amount as you break it down to individual items which would bring the number up to hundreds of thousands. Now we know Chernarus isn't that wealthy a place and does have a lower population, but again, the population Post Outbreak is estimated to be 2,500 down from the Pre Outbreak population of approximately 3.5 million. So if you had 1 can of food for every person that would be 3.5 million laying around for a single day. I would love to see as time went by the gradual decline of prepared food availability for sure and see more people become dependant upon hunting, fishing and farming OR seeking out those who have supplies and develop RP from there be it hostile or otherwise. As for comments made concerning hostile RP and the reasons behind it, keep in mind that people are living in a now lawless society and are predisposed to have behaviour they may have never indulged in prior due to the consequences of their actions. Those consequences are no longer around (law enforcement). So your going to encounter those who are hostile and will point a gun at you for something you may be wearing simply so they can indulge in that new found freedom of flexing control over another persons life simply because they can. It happens all the time in our day to day lives even with consequences.
  4. *Tosses an EMP... or several.* Oi. Here is some fookin EMP love Nay Nay. Everyone else got one, so you get one too>

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    So had some visitors come by today...neighbourhood is going to heck

  6. I came up with mine by combining a few things I seemed to be in the habit of causing chaos, being chaotic...just played with it for awhile and combined until I came up with Chaostica and that was a long time ago.
  7. Had a great night last night, a lot of RP of all varieties. Special thank you the CDF. Nothing like being stopped on a lonely stretch of road by 6 Armed individuals in the middle of the night to make it a tense experience. You guys were great and I now have a new mission. Books! Also thanks to @graipyy420 , love the character, took the tension from the previous experience and went into full creeped out mode! It was nice to meet the newest members of T.E.N as well, @Xehara you guys are rocking in the construction! And Finally, @Ender. I almost shot you! Thought it was a zombie till you moved! Hope the guys didn't stress you out to much!
  8. Oh my, please tell me it's true!

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  10. @Logan I do agree it needs to be worded better, people should be able to insult but I do get what Taryn has been saying as well, better wording is needed to make it clear that it's not just insulting someone in conversation but as she explained where it's taken up to the level she's described.
  11. I do think it can be worded better then it currently is, say to something like: Using hostilities and creating tense situations purposefully to start a fire fight or an initiation from the other party. It can be anything from constant harassment and threats, leaving no option but for someone to initiate so that you gain kill rights.
  12. There is exactly one of the reasons I started playing here. Those in charge listen but try to do the best for everyone and still try to be different and set apart from other communities. I see some who take to much time to compare and say how much alike this place is to others, but never the time to talk about how it differ's. It's the differences that are attractive and make the place unique. Suggestions and Ideas are never an issue but some of the topics keep coming up over and over and the complaints come from those attempting to justify the reasons for the changes which in truth may not hold as much value or benefit as they believe. Many of the argumentative complaints are unfounded and narrow minded, I'm not going to put in examples as I don't want anyone to feel targeted. Time and Trial are important for a healthy community where the Majority can be happy.
  13. So first off I am trying to not come off as ranting. I'm genuinely confused about some things and feel that the following needs to be said. I come from a large community that I have been a part of for years, during that time I've seen people leave or be removed who promptly attempt to set up another community and with only a minor rule change here or there to make things to their liking, they run their community EXACTLY the same way. These communities had a life span of only a few months, usually because people joined and found it to be the same as the other one, different packaging, and would lose interest and no longer bother playing resulting in the communities demise. I never joined any of them, but heard a lot about it. Then this place was recommended to me. I was hesitant, but looked into it as people talked of how different it was. As I researched, read the rules, guidelines and yes, the report sections, I began to see it WAS different. It was providing those things that other places never seemed to bother with. I played and began to enjoy it more and more. I monitor the forums, habit I guess, just to see how things are going and have noticed a disturbing trend. People accepting the rules, guides and all that then promptly they begin to complain and want changes, to make this place JUST like other places. I don't know about many but I joined because it was different and accepted how this place operated. Period. Now I was concerned myself with some of the blanket terms (terms used to provide a wide coverage) and saw how some may be able to manipulate or misinterpret, but the staff here seem pretty on point of what is acceptable and what is not. Most of my confusion comes from what people's expectations are of others. Expectations rarely compare to reality. Many are very anti base, stating people shouldn't be doing it on one hand, then stating they should be walking around in fear on the other, not making the connection that securing someplace to live goes very much hand in hand with fear, ultimately a direct result. Others say no one leaves their bases to RP, but on the other hand, they talk of all the 'gear' and stashed items at these places...so how did they get it all? If they aren't providing RP to get the items or going out the finding it themselves or having other people do it, where is the lack of RP and not leaving bases? Those who aren't RPing as traders very much WOULD be stockpiling resources in the event that there came a period of time they couldn't leave either due to defence of their home from assaulting parities, wildlife or (of course) the infected not to mention bad weather. People do this, check out the multiple videos out there by 'Preppers'. In conclusion, as I don't want this to go on to every minor detail, making this place like ever other attempt I know of to be 'better' but ultimately the same is a bad idea. This place is different, it's growing and it's getting stronger. Keep it like it is, working out the minor issues that come with any new place and give people the different experience they're looking for. For those complaining, why join a place if you just want to make it like everyplace else?
  14. Had a great hunting trip with @Shikaka, @The Marshal and @Oisin tonight. Elaine did well and picked up on skinning a deer fairly quickly. Derek needs to conserve ammo! But do appreciate he was looking out for us, poor Mattis...I talked his ear off!! To bad @Chief couldn't have come, always interesting to talk to the 'Cylon'. Hope to see you all back at the farm soon!
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