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  1. Sounds fantastic thank you! Everyone after me please avoid necroing this thread so other peoples content can get seen.
  2. I just posted a poll to any other people viewing the thread.
  3. The map isnt even needed but RCON messages should definitely start circulating that say the temperature is lower. Even if its not snowing.
  4. I feel that as we go into the middle of October and the start of November that we should be looking at the winter map for the server. In the US alone it has already snowed in multiple states, some getting upwards of 5 inches already. In Chernarus which is just beneath Russia this would be happening at an even faster rate, I feel that at the very least RCON messages should be circulated saying that the temperature is more cold in preparation for the change. Please let me know what you all think. A map of snowfall in the US so far for reference
  5. Edited so it is no longer in document format. Thanks guys!
  6. I have attached a document that outlines my issue with a problem I feel is present in the current form of DayZ that we have. Please read it if you have the time and let me know your opinions on the subject. Hostile RP and the issue of necessity V.S. want Hello, today I would like to talk about a topic that has been on my mind for a while. There is a big problem with Hostile RP and the reasoning behind people doing it. In this paper I will go over a few topics including: “The food problem, what I think can be done to solve this problem, and some counterarguments people have for my point. The first thing I would like to go over is the food problem I believe is present in DayZ. Whenever you think about an apocalypse it is usually hand in hand with starving people, and the lack of infrastructure that we have all become dependent on, as of the onset of modern technology. This is not present in the game even though full control of it is available. Even at a year into the outbreak you can still find cans of food and drinks like they are candy. This leads to the problem of people not running into the survival situations that make post-apocalyptic scenarios so fun to roleplay. You will find that there is a never-ending supply of food that causes a lack of necessity and conflict in relation to people starving to death. In the end of the day you are not robbed because you have food and someone doesn’t, how generally apocalypse scenarios go down. You are robbed because they like your gun or your shirt, or you said something that offended them. This leads to hostile RP being very shallow and lacking, as the reasoning behind a robbery is not the necessity of food but the want to rob someone for the fun of it. The second thing I would like to talk about it how this issue could be solved. I feel that if the loot table was tweaked to slowly phase out canned food and drinks spawning, people would be pushed into farming and hunting far more than they are currently. In extension this would allow far more RP within compounds and large trade hubs as people would be forced to enter these areas to get food and water. In the end we cannot all be nomadic in nature as in a real-life scenario it simply would not be sustainable. I feel that people focusing on finding and keeping sustainable sources of food would provide an outlet to avoid the drama and toxicity that comes from having everything you would ever need. At the present moment the surplus of food does not make survival hard and in a roleplay situation based entirely around survival and the stories included in it, there is no survival other than gun fights and unlucky zombie spawns. The last thing I would like to touch on is a couple of counter-arguments. I understand that a system like this might be hard for new players. But I will ask this question. How much better would it make it to find a hunting rifle and how much would you be willing to do to keep your access to food. This would progress roleplay for new players entering the community as they would be immediately in a survival situation with real threat. Another argument I have heard is for current compounds and keeping a supply of food within them. I have heard people mention that they don’t think this would be a good idea because it could destabilize the RP infrastructure already in place. I will counter this by saying that a focus on farming and hunting to get more food to a compound would provide a large amount of roleplay. In conclusion, I feel that a decrease in the spawning of canned food, that at this point in an apocalypse would not be present, would greatly increase roleplay situations that could come from it. At its present state this community has no reason to worry about physical needs such as hunger and thirst and in the lack of direction caused by this drama and in-fighting are the only directions to go. I would like to plead that a change be made to further progress the RP that is present here and to allow more depth in its place.
  7. Arise my son. Welcome to Green.


  8. Character name: Belov Pavlovich Character's Age: 13 Character page link: https://www.infectedrp.com/character/555-belov-pavlovich/ Mental Illnesses: Paranoid Delusional, Temporary Delirium, Insomnia Majora. Type of Hallucinations requested: all Triggers: Gunfire, Yelling People, talking about parents Phobias: Guns, Heights, wolves, loud people History of the illness(es): Was caused when Belov was in a situation where he was forced out of his home and his adoptive mother taken. Ticks/habits: Talks about going home to his mom, says she will worry if he is late.Number/Limit of parts in your System: (If you want randomly generated Alters to front at a given stressful moment, request a number higher than what is listed above as current Alters.) Hard Limits: Nothing honestly, want to RP out a person that has lost their mind.
  9. @KleptoTerren @Miller Anderson Loved the RP tonight, you two alone changed my mind about the saviours entirely. Had some old preminitions I hadn't gotten sorted and its nice that they finally are. Very much look forward to RP in the future.
  10. @Taryn Let everyone know that was there tonight they should be here lol. Nice to find a group I can bring back my oldest and favorite character to play in! Played Belov for a long time on DayZRP but hadnt found any groups I could start playing on him with over here until earlier today.
  11. @Xehara @Shikaka Loved the RP tonight, look forward to doing more with you guys!
  12. Hello everyone I go by massamotto or my character names. I am making a group that is cult/religion oriented. My goal is to have heavy RP that creates rich stories from it, the goal is to make a church in the triangle somewhere maybe in Novaya Petrovka. If anyone has interest please let me know and we can start the process of getting you involved.
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