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  1. It works fine in fullscreen when i first load in, I spawn in a house and when models hasnt loaded in it works, but the moment something loads in, it just disappears on me
  2. Seem to having my game crash everytime I log on the server, was running around for about 2 hours before I came to a town and entered a house and it just went black and then shut down, no error messages or anything, when I log back on it crashes immediately after things have loaded up.
  3. Guess who is motherf*cking back in town, yes it is I the one and only Limpan!
  4. *looks around the corner*

    I hope no one noticed i was gone..


    1. UndercuckLV


      I finally found you, mein kleiner 

    2. Svenne


      Time to get active 

    3. Limpan


      Im trying my best

  5. RIP Stan Lee

    Excelsior you damned legend...

  6. Sebbe! I remember you lad! Good to see ya here. If you need anything feel free to either PM me or poke me on teamspeak when I am available. Ofcourse you are able to enter the waiting for support channel and either me or another staff (Most likely Support) Will get to you. Welcome once more and I hope you have a good time here.

    1. SgtSmithy
    2. SgtSmithy


      How did you get music on your profile : O 

    3. Limpan


      Should be up in the corner of the cover photo, you might have to donate tho ?

  8. Welcome to the staff team mate ?


    1. Limpan


      Thank you my good sir ?

    2. UndercuckLV


      You are welcome mein herr ?

  9. Where is those 50k you promised me for joining the community?

    1. Svenne


      it will come with the inckuded volvo v70. 

    2. Limpan


      Dont forget the trocadero

  10. Limpan


    Well shit, i was kidnapped by my fellow swedes and brought here-... I mean, i stumbled upon this place with the help of the lovely owner of the community and the other swedes. Guess most already know me, some might not but ye, Im Limpan, been wanting a dayz community to join since i left the other ones, and now im here.
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