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  1. The reason nobody from the SRD showed up was because of the following: We were told two different days of Friday and Saturday We were not told a specific time of the event and when myself and others asked some staff/event masters what time they told us they can not tell us When we were eventually told what time it was, majority of us went to sleep as it was really late for a majority of us
  2. Alright time to be honest to the core bout this. So please for the love of god don't get triggered and point me or worse. This is completely honesty Since joining the server back around April-May of this year I have been apart of quite a few of these dynamic events and server events and I must say they haven't been great and sometimes just plain bad and boring. Out of all the dynamic events I've been apart of, only TWO did not involve gun fights and PVP. Only two and they were Trading Events. Recently the UN Event which saw SRD and Syndicate rescue Spyke could have not ended in a fight and people dying but sadly it did due to how some UN Members acted towards some people. Have I recently liked the events on this server? No I haven't, in fact they are one of many reasons which is driving me away from the server What did I dislike about them? They are all the same, they end up just becoming PVP which THIS IS A RP SERVER. What would I like to see more of? Stop doing PVP focused dynamic and server events and focus on events such as Trading Events, ZOMBIE HORDE EVENTS since ZOMBIES are meant to be the main threat NOT PEOPLE and WARS. If you want the server to start getting people back. This is one of many things. Stop focusing on events which can and sometimes will end up involving people dying, getting pissed off and leaving the server. Focus on more PVE events like I mentioned. Otherwise the playerbase will keep on declining because people are getting bored of the PVP Stuff. That is all.
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    "We are no strangers to war and betrayal. But in the end...we always come out victorious. If we can give Russia the middle finger...we can give the rogue UN a good fucking punch" - Artyom Tarkov

  4. No One Will Survive

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  5. Should have kept the roles like the Loremasters. But I agree with @Incognito
  6. Starting from complete scratch is a bad idea due to how much time and effort many of us lore team members from the past put into the lore. Yes a new map needs it's own lore however as I have pointed out we can easily fit it into the current lore. Other servers have managed it with other maps so why can't we? People aren't getting in game because of stuff that has happened in game and has put people off from coming back and wiping the lore will put even more people off.
  7. Stories right now that are going on have no end to it. Many people in the SRD are enjoying the stories we are currently in and many of us do not want the lore to be wiped. Majority of the SRD were people who have done the lore such as Rogue, myself and Dragan along with Scotsman. Lore right now would make complete sense if Livonia, Deer Isle and other maps were made into a custom Chernarus made for InfectedRP. Usually when lore wipes happen 90% of people will use the same character, same backstory and remember everything from previous lore because of the time and dedication put into the characters. The lore even for this server is not old and I see no valid reason to completely refresh it.
  8. Still saying no to any kind of lore wipe. Not needed.
  9. Thank you mate. I don't see the reason for a "lore wipe" cause of a new map. Since this is our own unique lore we can simply say that Livonia is a province of Chernarus. Can do the same with other modded maps like Deer Isle and create our own Chernarus. No need for a lore wipe. Not at all.