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  1. Hello, after reading over your appeal and going through the evidence we can see that you did not text initiate with the rest of the people. When the initial report was posted we looked or logs of your text initiation, however there were none. That being said your points will remain, as you are no longer part of staff the strike is not relevant. Verdict Appeal denied - Points remain
  2. Brought me to tears

  3. Every conversation I have recently just makes me wanna 

    frustrated head GIF

  4. Welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy yourself
  5. You should get this anime profile theme dude


    1. dimitri


      Only if you play Garfield kart with me @Covert

  6. /Appeal accepted, however next time you will receive points and lose status updates indefinitely.
  7. //Merged as we already have a suggestion thread
  8. Post your suggestions for rule changes etc here.
  9. //Unlocked BE RESPECTFUL
  10. So when is the next profile theme happening?


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    2. Storm


      #7 is the best

    3. dimitri


      1, 7, 27, 31, 71 are my favorites

    4. Boomerman


      Seems pretty homo

  11. Locked that thread before CDF could defend itself 😞

    1. Jacob


      Only temporary don't worry

    2. Sylva


      Considering the same group is making six different threads about the same thing maybe keep it locked and coalesce it into one?

  12. //Locked before this get's too heated.
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