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  1. This appeal is being accepted. While it was made clear to staff that you and Monty have this relationship, to banter back and forth, the context and timing was off and looked very aggressive. In the future, please better assess the timing before joking with a friend. You also always have DMs and Saviors chat to flame your friends, without the higher possibility of getting points. Be aware, staff are not responsible for learning everyone's relationships to other community members. Points removed, Verbal warning instated.
  2. Hello everyone! Are you playing a character that has a hallucinatory, delusional or paranoid condition? Ever thought it would be interesting to combat this illness a little more realistically? Well now you can! Use the form below, to sign up for private Rcon messages to help with your immersion playing a character of this type! Please note that you may opt out of these messages if they are done at an inopportune time, but mental illnesses usually cannot be just ignored. We suggest you don't opt out for the best experience, but if you so choose, you may do the following: You will be given time to prepare for an episode, a private Rcon message would be sent to you that says something like "You begin to feel strange." Or "You start to feel like something is wrong." You may respond with an OOC message: //Opt Out. If this is sent, we will cancel your mental breakdown, free of charge!
  3. They do spawn. We've found some last night actually. Also I wouldn't recommend locking up your car in a garage or any other tight space. Doing so can have some really bad effects.
  4. Taryn


    Welcome. If you have any questions feel free to contact us any time.
  5. Granted, but you are now a flesh nugget without arms or legs who was entirely paralized going 120 on a freeway and crashed. You're imprisoned in your mind for the rest of your life. I wish I could teleport wherever, whenever, and without restrictions.
  6. Well, that took a turn for the worse. 

    RIP me. 

  7. When RP gets interesting... So you have to rush home to get IG. 



  8. So glad to see you here. Excited for the deep stories you're known for. You'll be happy to know Taryn is alive and well here.
  9. Thank you both for the amazing RP today, i had so much fun. @Nomadxvx and @Mister Plumbum - We need more internal RP. Please and thanks. @Frosto - Building relationships with your character was fun. Taryn's absolutely a mom-type and always wanted kids. @Howarden - Amazing as always. I love writing a story with you. Can't wait to see where this goes. @MoodyOG Leave us alone (but come hang out with us... HANG with us, like a normal person) @ShipwreckOG - So nice to see you IG again. Come chill with us more. @JoeyOG Leave us alone even more. (but again, come hang...) @Ttirragas - You spooked me. It's k tho. Fun to RP with you too.
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    The link above does not expire and has infinite uses.
  12. Taryn

    I fucking love you.

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      I fucking love you too.

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