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  1. Deleting my post is cheating Edit: Ohp, it wasn't delete. Oh well.
  2. No one is arguing. We talk frequently tho. Just because we don't agree doesn't mean we can't talk.
  3. I see from your profile gif that you are a woman of culture as well 🙏

  4. Passion is a Punishable offense.

  5. 1: There was no sarcasm in me saying I appreciate your opinion because you aren't wrong. I was simply saying with Novo/Bere that wasn't the case 2: There haven't been any other official hubs on this server since i've been here, so you can't assume that people leaving or quitting this server was for that reason. Without context it seems you're talking about us. 3: Fine. No arguing. Have a great night, Moody.
  6. I never said anything about PVP or RDMs. Assumptions make you look like an ass. Your entire post was about how you think we blame you for the fall of Novo/Bere as well as the failure of the hub or how we 'gave up' because of you. I was simply saying it wasn't true and you didn't cause it to fall apart. Why do I always feel like you're trying to bait some kind of reaction out of us?
  7. We didn't "Throw it all away" because of the Saviors. it was internal problems that caused us to split up. but I appreciate your opinion.
  8. If you can't fix it, the best way to repair the game is to uninstall the game and delete ALL DayZ folders (Mods included). ALL of them. Then reinstall the game and all mods.
  9. It's because you're using the SA Launcher. Use the first option in steam.
  10. Post a poll. I say sandwich. @Mexi says burger. Fucking foreigners.
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