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  1. Who on earth approved this name?

    Groovy gang ain't takin in fam.

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    2. Groovy Joah

      Groovy Joah

      Gotta get someone to change it.

    3. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      I told you joah, gotta get the councils approval, which you cant if you werent a monkey...

    4. NozzyVC
  2. I'm the trash man

  3. Is this...the Real Mexi Shady? 😮😮

  4. Taryn

    I fucking love you.

    1. Mexi


      I fucking love you too.

  5. Taryn

    I'm so fucking in love with you, you piece of shit. 


    1. Mexi


      And I you, you absolute cunt. 🥰❤️

  6. Taryn

    I'm so fucking in love with you. 

  7. Mexi

    You better be careful, those lore posts have a lot of OOC information that will get us in trouble IC 👀 🤧

    1. Cloudy


      In game "spies"

    2. Sylva


      Not to mention those pesky documents. never know when they might become an in game item

  8. Mexi

    Hi there

    Peeking my head in to see what's going on and to hopefully hop on with some old pals who unfortunately cannot play elsewhere. See ya around!