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  1. someone, anyone... no ones gonna do anything about the 9/11 on my profile, yet i get warned and removed for a tag under my name.. but the 9/11 thing is perfectly okay... to just be sitting here... on my profile...

    1. Svenne


      We didn't spot it until now but it's being looked at right now, please report any content which you deem to be inappropriate next time.

  2. How the fuck.... was this not hidden or pointed yet....

  3. I didnt say shit stay away...

  4. Would have appreciated a DM.

  5. Slava NAPA, Slava Chernarus Goodluck, looks dope, hope it goes well for you and you get enough members. A lot of people might hate you for what we did but I hope youre able to make something out of it!
  6. I abused powers, was kicked out and pointed, no one is special.
  7. BUMP I have a lot of free time on my hands when im not working, A LOT of free time. So if anyone wants a profile picture, profile banner, custom music, for the people that can actually have it, or just any sort of designs or pictures at all, please feel free to say below or DM me! More like "Edited Music" btw, like the one on my profile.
  8. Let me add to the other screamo song.