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  1. BiggsbeOG

    Points Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/6cb2a1e4086f9eaf7051329604a769ba Why the verdict is not fair: Was Fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I am not expecting to have my points revoked. I 100% agree I was disrespectful, however I do believe I was disrespected by that staff member and if this is how staff conducts themselves when they are suppose to be helping and diffusing situations like mine, I would appreciate that matter being addressed and handled as well. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would hope to have equaled distribution of repercussions to all parties, Staff or otherwise. What could you have done better?: If i could change anything about that what happened it would be, that instead of fueling the situation I would have requested a different staff member to help.
  2. Wow we dem bois @GoodGuyKFC
  3. granted but you can never join it because its full. I wish @RyanOG could be smarter
  4. End Cancer entirely Would you rather work night shifts or day shifts
  5. Granted but you get a Fiat Multipla. I wish for a new gaming chair.
  6. granted but you sink like an anchor and cant move. I wish I could read minds.
  7. Granted but they come back as zombies and try to eat you. I wish it was 5 o'clock so i can leave work.
  8. Granted but the contacts make your vision worse. I wish for a new CPU.
  9. Granted but you can only see horrible things that are going to happen. I wish for a new Razer mouse.
  10. Granted but you have no income I wish I had 24x14 American Force wheels.
  11. Granted but you become disabled and can't do anything for yourself. I wish for nothing.
  12. Granted but you can only crash land. I wish I could fast forward time.
  13. Now its time to raise the beans requirements and start over
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