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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Given in a warning Why the verdict is not fair: In regards to the anything about the 'Furry' discussion, it was all sarcastic banter. I often call @KleptoTerren something along the lines of 'furry scum' in general and other places. The manner in which I was speaking before the 'flame' incident in general was banter with the furries. So when it comes to the furry stuff, I literally do not care about it but I was willing to joke about it with others in general and everyone seemed to be having a good time. What I said previous makes this obvious. After a while, Chernon joins the chat and I keep up my 'furry scum' schtick and he seems to get rather offended. Note that in the screenshots in the warning I receieved, they do not contain much of what Chernon said. If you take all my messages out of the context they were in, it looks bad but let me assure you I was not flaming or "flame baiting". Thirdly, everything I said was demonstrably true in the context it was framed in. I never lied about him, said something out of context or misrepresented him in any way. And to top it off, it was only in response to the way that Chernon had gotten so upset about our furry discussion. Lastly, I was warned for flame baiting. I cannot be responsible for what other people say. I took responsibility for what was said beforehand and that I did not want the conversation to continue the way it had but Chernon just kept on going - I cannot be held accountable for this? I was the first one to basically say 'hey guys this has gotten out of hand' yet it was Chernon that continued. This happened twice and again I said lets leave it yet he continued. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: To conclude, I was having a perfectly civil discussion with klepto and callsignWulf? Chernon jumps in, acting all offended and some things were said. I was the first AND second person to say that it had gone too far, I never lied or misrepresented him and he still came after me after I said I want no part in it. Also, if Chernon received any points, I'd say they should be removed. I don't care about anything that was said so if what I'm saying is worth anything, I'd ask you remove his points. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: all 5 of my points removed What could you have done better?: Reblock Chernon. Also Below is the evidence I received in the warning:
  2. I believe this is a browser performance issue. It's related to awful hardware.
  3. hi. here to respect people's property
  4. @Hanro Gave some incredible pain and hostage RP tonight. For someone who has just joined the server I have to commend how well you RP'd, even if things didn't go well. I'd say we both had fun!
  5. "I'd rather not reveal myself so publicly. Ask the Major for the man who asked for a spark plug."
  6. "Jacob, I've spoken to Spyke previously. Try and find time to talk to the Major about the information I gave him. I'd also like to meet so we can introduce ourselves more formally. Let me know whenever is best for you."
  7. Welcome to InfectedRP, if you have any questions feel free to PM me!

    1. Caraham


      Thanks! I'm not quite sure what you do here but if I have any questions I'll let you know!

  8. Welcome to the community!

    If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!

  9. Twas' yesterday. Had a great time 'talking' with @Andrew Matt. Our conversation covered a wide range of topics and it's safe to say that we all had a lot of fun! (He's in the middle)
  10. The world shall know pain

















  11. Me sliding through to the next expensive camp.

    credit: @Sylva

    1. Taryn


      In under 6 hours. 

  12. Guess who's back.

  13. @Taryn and @DeaconLN, I had no idea about any event, it was my first time back on the server in months. Great night back.
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