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  1. hehe jk But some saviors need to sign up. They talk too much smack on the radio just to spectate!
  2. Please DM me if you are wanting to sign up for this event! I will be the one creating the bracket. So if you want to fight, you must sign up before hand!
  3. Stary Sobor - Bare Knuckles Fight Tournament - Saturday, the 17th (6pm EST) By: Pogo & Ecliptic Who is the strongest fighter in South Zagoria? There is a lot of slander thrown on the radio, and insults barked behind the safety of a gun. But who has the courage to actually put their money where their mouth is? This Saturday, a grand tournament will be hosted to showcase YOUR strength to the survivors of South Zagoria. With a grand prize of $50,000 Krona, you won’t want to miss out on this! If you don’t want to partake, that’s fine; try your luck in gambling! Join the fun on the 17th, located in the Stary Sobor Red Barn! Contact us on the frequency 106.1 to sign up for the tournament. The bracket will be released the day of Lore: The Vanslow family were originally known in many parts of west Europe to be a roving circus band. When they realized that their circus troop wasn’t making ends meet, they made the decision to start an underground boxing ring wherever they went. Those that were in the know how were frequently asked to attend their joyous event as a symbol of superiority, valor, and a general good time for all participants. Money was the main focus of their new endeavour and while there was a grand prize for the bracketed boxing matches, they would take their share from entry tickets and gambling pools. All in all it became quite a momentous occasion when the “circus” was finally in town and those that wished to prove their mettle, and make some cash in the process, were given a chance for all to see. Since the outbreak in November 2018, they quickly realized that if they were to come across areas where the infection was more docile or sparse, they could continue their business. This along with less stringent government regulations led to an openly advertised, roving band of boxing organizers. The show must go on.
  4. Our idea is to have events on the weekends, but we need to know when the majority of you are free
  5. Pogo

    Death Match

    Panda easy??? I am the OG of the white suit. Panda is Pogo 2.0! I am offended smh!
  6. what in the actual fuck
  7. Discord is nice. Just too trolly. Needs to be cleaned up and both would be fine
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