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  1. Hearing @McNasty get hyped that ppl were coming to his stream and following made my day. Goodluck dude, you deserve it.

    1. RecklessWB


      It was a good time man, the future of the server looks bright, don't want to jinx it, but I think we have turned the corner *knocks on wood in purple*


  2. I will weigh in on it. No the Saviors are not giving up on the community, yes we are looking to be apart of another community. I personally love Svenne and Jake. This community is absolutely blessed to have them, I would say one of the best owners out of EVERY community. Sure I have heard the abuse of powers, but I don't see the evidence, I have heard a lot of rumors. The problem that led to this weird spot that the community is in right now is some people got upset they were removed from staff, me included. A lot of people were extremely passionate, everyone saw soooo much potential here, and I think the steps that Svenne is taking to solve this issue is what the community needs. Like others have said before, no one shows the evidence of the abuse which makes it hard to act upon. People think staff can read our minds, they can't and its stupid to think that. Public threads are literally how you voice your opinion and get stuff sorted, and many people seem to not realize this. This community will get back on its feet and prevail, I know it. Now as to why my group of friends are looking for another place to play: I personally have rped here for months, for a while there was a lot of new people coming, a lot of different rp coming around, different scenarios. It was good. But now its back to the same old people rping, I know everyone, nothing is new for me atm. Granted the content here is amazing, I think IRP modpack is the best community modpack right now. Thats a huge seller right now. But once I again I am taking a short hiatus from here. I will be around and maybe hop in and play. I just need to have stuff to do. THE SAVIORS ARE NOT QUITTING. So please don't say we are giving up completely we just want to experience another place. Things that could help with pop: Saw on twitch, a certain someone who used to be community manager here went and streamed, well said person got all his friends to at least have the stream in the background. That put that stream in top 10 for dayz streams at that time of day beating out a lot of redzone streams. I know I should have streamed more but do this for each other. If 4-5 people streamed, while showing some rp, advertising the server and getting at least 15-20 to have the stream running in the background, it will get this placed noticed really quick. New people will come, new rp will come. Big thing, don't rely on veteran rpers anymore, try to appeal to newer rpers, help them learn the ropes. Once again I love InfectedRP keep doing the right things.
  3. event time uh oh


  4. Problem is there are a lot of passionate people. We are a gaming/rp community. We all have private discords with lots of people that we can openly argue. Don't need it on official infectedRP discord, looks bad. Ive said bad things to people about getting heated and its not worth it.
  5. MoodyOG

    Back at it.

    Daggon redcoats being mean to me
  6. InfectedRP, home of the Real Ones. 

    1. N7Jake


      Guess I'm about to find out.

    2. MoodyOG


      ah hell yea


  7. It smells like womp rats

    1. NinjaCam


      Get the crayons out of your nose

  8. Happy Birthday buddy!

    1. ZombyOG


      Thank You!!!!

  9. I love you all, I might be an ass sometimes but I love having each one of you here in the community to play with. You all are awesome!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Incognito


      -insert Maury Povich- Your previous statements in Discord say-this is a lie.

    3. NinjaCam


      He was drinking heavily after the Nats win last night.... #drunkpost hahaha

    4. Osku
  10. hold up who let you in staff? 
    Jk I know you'll do great, good stuff dude

    1. ItzThatcher


      Lol. I didn't even see this get posted @MoodyOG! But thanks man, I hope to provide some "Content" that everyone can enjoy in this community.

  11. Reminder: If there is an event in Stary it will be mentioned on the Stary radio thread. Be sure to check up on it to make sure you didn't miss it 



  14. Finn or Lemon, who will win?

  15. Stary election time, oh lord have mercy

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