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  1. Well boys its official, im a snake now. Holy shit, im actually living up to the name.

  2. updated my pfp, since this is basically Vlad at this point haha.

  3. Added @Sonsick to the roster, enjoy your time here!
  4. Please welcome our newest member @Ttirragas!
  5. Added Music and Added an IC goal.
  6. TFW you know about the group from actual IRL history.
  7. well, water bug is seriously fucking me over, barely able to live from plants and sodas

  8. After weeks of delay i finally put it up.
  9. Vladimir was at the prime of his life when his CO informed him that he had been transfered into command of a new unit, he'd done his motherland proud numerous times in both Syria and in Ukraine, however this new unit was going to be more of a challenge to command. This new Unit was not in MVD, it wasnt even in the Russian Armed Forces, his new command role was that of a PMC CO in the field within the nation down south known as Chernarus. Initally he declined the offer, how could he simply leave his men behind and go to some shit hole country to do god knows what? But after being informed that his old unit were under his command, well, that simply was an offer too tempting not to take. The BEAR (Battle Encounter Assault Regiment) was formed via secret decree of the russian government to investigate reports and leaks that a multinational corporation, TerraGroup, was conducting illegal human testing within the South Zagoria region of Chernarus. On the surface the PMC was just that, a PMC that had existed before the decree however it was repurposed by the russian government for this explicit purpose, its ranks are made up of only the most skilled of Russian operators, Ex-Spetsnaz and presidential protection makeup it’s two teams of operators. Raid group Alpha, designed and fitted for long range recon, search and destroy missions and extraction of vital intelligence. And Raid group Bravo, Fitted for close range firefights, protection of VIPs and collection of intelligence in extreme circumstances. The BEAR PMC currently stands as a lone entity hiring out their services to anyone in need of close protection or long range assaults, however it is all in the support of the main goal of finding evidence that proves that Terragroup had been conducting these experiments, and bringing both its shareholders and board of directors, to justice. Be it in the wastelands of South Zagoria, or in a court of law on Russian soil. Leader/ Co-ordinator - Vladimir Krillinger - @Melon23 Leader of Alpha - Ronald “Worm” Bennet - @Pinkerton Head of Logistics - Jiri Zharkov - @Heck Alpha Operator - Alexie Belyakova - @DarkestSkies241 Alpha Operator - Lusine Zarkarian - @Sonsick To establish a base of operations and start taking on contracts to fund the unit whilst in the area. Create a supply line that can easily supply us with weapons and ammunition whilst in the region. Attempt to establish relations with all groups and take on contracts from them. Find the truth about TerraGroup and it’s dealings in the region pre and post infection. Create detailed documents and folders about both TerraGroup’s dealings and the source of the infection. Get back into long range contact with the Russian government (pending LM approval) Escort any TerraGroup VIP's back to base for further questioning. To bring back bounty hunters and guns for hire back to the server. Create Lore events for the server based around TerraGroup and It's dealings. To provide good russian military RP and create interesting stories based around that. Make the Base of operations a good place to be with people training, relaxing or patrolling. Create tense rp without being openly hostile to any groups unless they openly threaten us with violence. Enlistment applications can be sent to @Melon23 through forums. Please include, character name, discord tag, reason for joining and Timezone. Enlistment will be processed in 12-24 hours.
  10. What mad lad iraddiated the entire fucking server?

  11. yes and no, ive got a pure russian character so i'd probably have to shelve him if shit hit the fan. plus the ongoing stories i have with him, the complete wipe wouldnt be neat, i think alot of people would just straight leave.
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