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  1. *Artyom chuckles and cracks his neck as he pushed down on the PTT and speaks normally* "Действительно, вокруг полно оленей, наслаждайся охотой." *He then releases his PTT and checks his new double barrel*
  2. *Artyom presses down on his PTT as the sound of rustiling leaves and the occasional deer bleating in the background could be heard* "I'm not going to buy that, my gut tells me that this is a trap, and my gut's been the thing keeping me alive for all these damn years. I dont think you'd change just because suddenly some traders have moved in after being like this for over 5 damn years. I'll talk to people who go to this meeting and see what the deal is before making myself known around your compound again." *Artyom releases his PTT and shakes his head as he aims his mosin at some deer in the distance*
  3. Melon23

    Cars for sale!

    *Artyom Pushes down his PTT the sound of a river flowing can be heard in the background, as well as the occasional sound of a reel being spun* "If you've got any Motor oil ill gladly pay for that, my car's in a bit of a sour mood right now." *He releases his PTT and goes back to fishing*
  4. *Artyom pushes down on his PTT as the sound of heavy rain and thunder can be heard* "Yeah, I got your package ready man, ill be in the area when you're good to recieve, over." *Artyom lets go of the PTT and recounts his rounds*
  5. *Artyom tosses a cigarette out of his window as he pushes down on his PTT* "Good to hear that, ill be hanging around Topolin. Feel free to come around and talk buisness." *He releases his PTT*
  6. *Artyom Picks up his radio and pushes down on his PTT and the sound of a generator can be heard in the background* "I got two tents here i can sell you, if you've got alot of 7.62x39 ill give them to you for that and some .338 Lapua" *Artyom releases his PTT and goes back to cleaning his rifle*
  7. woah, whoops, looks like i dropped my monster condom for my magnum dong. cant wait to buy another one from ya.
  8. Yo! is this the same Sam from Dayzrp!?

    1. Sam Redfield

      Sam Redfield

      Nah it would be a different Sam 😛


    2. Sam Redfield

      Sam Redfield

      I'll be one of Jaxon's brothers

    3. Highlander


      @Melon23 I'm the Sam from DayzRP lol

  9. Me and the boys looking for ISIL at 4 AM

  10. I got nothing fam Some Weird nerds in space can do flips and shit with their minds and have these cool flashlights that can cut through anything.
  11. The past events that we've been running over the past week have been getting alot of mixed reactions so we want to let the community talk to the EM team and get some good good feedback about the dynamic's we've been organising. - What did you like about them? - What did you not like about them? - What would you like to see more of? - Please include some feedback on how we can improve on our events.
  12. Granted but the entire country of Austria has decided to wage war with you for that bottle I wish my government wasnt total fuckups.
  13. burn to death Would you rather have one real get out of jail free card or a key that opens any door?