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  1. Back now, after a week and a half away. Looking forward to getting back out there.

    1. Melon23


      looking forward to meeting back up with you.

  2. I'm in favor of the switch, I'd love to see something new. Been tromping around Chernarus for four years.
  3. Character name: Josiah Blackburn Character's Age: 27 Character page link: https://www.infectedrp.com/character/767-josiah-blackburn/ Mental Illnesses: Substance Abuse (Morphine, Codeine, just about any narcotics really) Type of Hallucinations requested: Audio, Sensory Triggers: Withdrawals, Extreme Stress Phobias: Wolves, Dogs, Small Spaces History of the illness(es): Began after the outbreak, after a major injury. Was kept medicated with whatever painkillers were available, mostly morphine. Ticks/habits: Touches the sharp tip of needles, knives, etc. Not usually breaking the skin, but sometimes it happens by mistake. Occasionally makes small slices in the upper forearm when extremely stressed. Hard Limits: Nothing, shock me.
  4. @DarkestSkies241 @Winter Andrews @Jman14102 Had a good time panicking over cannibal lunch boxes with y'all.
  5. Enjoyed meeting @Taryn, @Loscham, and @Howarden today. Got a bit nervous when you pulled the pistol Howarden, glad I didn't have to put you down
  6. Ttirragas is just my name screwed up. Garritt S. A. I know, I'm a creative genius. Formatted it the way I did because I play a lot of fantasy type games, and when I started wanting a consistent handle, decided to make that sound as fantasy hero-esque as I could. Usually nowadays I have it shortened to Ttir so people can say it easier, they can never figure out how they want to say the full thing.
  7. I'm best at sniping, but I'm learning Close Quarters thanks to the RPvP server. I still prefer keeping a few hundred yards out, but both can be good.
  8. I perform basic maintenance and repair for vehicles IRL, none of my characters do. But I do base my characters around fields I have working knowledge of. That way I don't sound like a complete tool when I get asked about it, but get to play something different to IRL.
  9. 9/10, one point revoked for weebiness.
  10. Welcome! Congratulations on escaping.
  11. Yesterday was awesome, meeting Glenn and Sunny in Bashnaya. Keep that kid safe, and come see me whenever you need anything. Also, cheers to the Savior group who met us there. -Donny
  12. Not gonna lie, I enjoyed the radio chatter. Like five different conversations going on in three languages at once. It was wild.
  13. Granted, but it's as though it's been sitting uncorked for three weeks. I wish I wasn't fat.
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