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  1. Hmm...seems my character needs to do a few things he was not expecting.

    1. MoodyOG


      Like get killed by a giraffe

    2. Funiculus


      I mean the giraffe could try, we certainly hear a lot of talk about it, but no one will tell me where to get tickets for it.

      Some people, certainly not me, might even doubt that giraffe is real.

    3. Horse
  2. Was a bit wild avoiding the people trying to KOS me yesterday, but it was definitely intense.

  3. Now when the hell is @Mr Henry finally getting in game?

    1. Horse


      @Mr Henry is a big dork. And I want him on infectedRP.

    2. Funiculus


      @Mr Henry needs to sort himself out and get online!

  4. I should probably add some things here.

  5. I say keep it as is, I like the immersive feeling and sub 500m encounters with people it adds a sense of danger and tension; particularly if you have infected shambling about. It really makes you rely on your ears and pay attention. I do get what several said about snipers being exposed out in the fields because it doesn't render at distance, but that's going to happen regardless of how tall the grass is.
  6. Granted, but it still results in the masses worshipping Nozzy. I wish DayZ cars were stable and flight-less
  7. Vegetarian; I'll take one for the team here. Cheese popcorn or Oreos?
  8. Detect Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible?
  9. Funiculus

    Lie to Me

    I'll guess medical training and piloting are true and the multiple guns is a careful word play that you've only fired a single firearm. I have been shot at in the real world I've hung from a cliff risking falling to my death I once rescued a cat from a burning neighbor's house.
  10. Granted, but it only works next to Pogo. I wish I had a new car.