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  1. Reposting a few guides for anyone interested



  2. *solace stops cleaning surgical tools in an empty room, grabbing the radio. She goes pale again hearing the voices, fighting back tears again. when the transmission ends, she again takes a moment to collect herself before changing the frequency to the encrypted military one* "Guys... there's another message.... please tell me we have a plan..." *taking a deep breath she goes back to work*
  3. Two event recaps, one major and one minor



  4. Ghosts A follow up to ‘Whispers of War.’ One day on the radio an unfamiliar voice appeared, a little girl speaking in a mix of Ukrainian and English with a heavy accent. Several people began talking with her at intervals throughout the night and day. Luckily for her, most were trying to calm and locate her, while only a few were trying to scare her. She took an immediate liking to a Ukrainian soldier with The Saviors, Artyom Tarkov. The child identified herself as Katryna Bondar; 8 year old, from Staroblisk, Ukraine. Disoriented and utterly exhausted she claimed to have been on the run for days, though she had no idea how many or how far she’d traveled. She just knew she had to say ahead of the ghosts. She had been with her family and others, traveling to the border of Ukraine to meet a relative. Something had happened; she had heard an unfamiliar noise, the people around her began to ‘blowed up’, as she described it. Obviously completely confused by the 8-year old’s’ logic, listeners continued asking questions. Katryna and her parents had arrived home days before, to find Ukrainian soldiers waiting in the streets, directing everyone in the neighborhood to quickly pack a bag and leave the area immediately for their own safety. Her mother quickly pulled her inside and did so, while her father spoke to one of the soldiers, then joined them and finished packing. Her father told her they were going to visit his brother who lived in a neighboring country. Her Uncle was Craig Bondar, whom she referred to as ‘Uncle Craigie’. They had set up a meeting spot and were going to meet him in a few days at the Ukrainian border and go to his house. At night they stopped at areas the military designated for evacuees. There had been odd stories circulating among the people. An older man, who was once a soldier, had been adamantly telling people that all the signs fit, that “they don't want to be found,” and that “they were ghosts that no one was supposed to know existed.” As they continued the next day, they had to walk for a few miles as traffic was gridlocked. Katryna heard loud cracks and subsequently people began to be ‘blow up’. The first being her father who had been holding her, and her mother right after. The others around them began screaming and falling, blood was everywhere. When she couldn’t wake her parents up, she ran. She’d been stopping only to hide from ‘the sick people’ and ‘stay ahead of the ghostys’. Katryna begged the people on the radio to help find her Uncle. Trying to make sense of her story, she would get angry when people asked for details to describe her attackers; she claimed to have not seen anything at all, just heard noises, hence being called ‘ghostys’. The noise they made she couldn’t identify, but said it was different then the pistol shots used to ‘kill the sick people’. She tried very hard to imitate the noise for her new friends on the radio… leading a few of them to be able to piece together the realization she was attempting to mimic the sound of a high caliber round, and the following distinct echo the bullet made. She tried to be helpful and recall what the man had been so adamant about what the ghosts were called, only she couldn’t pronounce more than ‘s’. After a lot of wrong guesses, she tried again to sound out the word, this time achieving a ‘sp’ noise. Artyoms’ voice froze on the radio as something clicked. “Спецназ?” he asked. Katryna thought for a moment then confirmed that Artyom was right. In shock and disbelief, Artyom quietly relayed the translation the little girl couldn’t pronounce…Spetsnaz. Once Katryna went outside and started to wander around, she saw a huge wooden tower and went over to it, thinking it was a castle and that being a castle, well it must have soldiers inside. A woman inside of the building named Constance was able to calm her. Constance was working with the trading group called T.E.N. and quickly brought the girl inside and made sure she was fed and safe. The ‘wooden castle’ was their living space and part of her hotel. At the same time, Craig Bondar fortunately ran into Tabby, another member of T.E.N. who took him to the nearby CDF unit, Svoboda, who were also out looking for the child. While they spoke, Constance relayed that Katryna had wandered to their compound and was safe. The entire group quickly headed back to the compound. Katryna immediately identified her Uncle and they had both a heartwarming and heartbreaking reunion. Craig who lived in another country, had been contacted by his brother, saying his wife, child, and him were headed to the border, that the military was telling civilians to immediately evacuate the country. Something was horribly wrong, but none of them knew what. Rumors of skirmishes and massacres were going around, but it was all only rumor. Craig had rushed to meet them. The last he had heard from his brother was a week before, they should have made it to the meeting point the next day, only none of them ever came. After a few days with no further contact, and no one appearing at the meeting spot, Craig had started to become frantic and started searching the surrounding areas. Eventually wandering into Chernarus, he heard his niece on the radio just before the battery died. He’d been looking for her since. He tried to tell Katryna they would go back and get her parents, which made her burst into tears. They’d gone to sleep…and she’d tried so hard…but they wouldn’t wake up…they went to sleep…but this sleep was different… she didn’t think they were going to wake up this time. Craig quickly realized that her brain was wrapping around the realization of something much worse. Craig held her tightly, reassuring her that it wasn’t her fault, grieving with her, and promising to keep her safe with him. Katryna tried to explain her story to both the CDF soldiers and her Uncle, becoming highly frustrated again. Even then, the soldiers were patient and kind to her. There was something she was trying to convey that was important, that they were not understanding. She gave them a picture she’d drawn… people on the ground…with red everywhere. Someone finally mentioned a fully body explosion to someone else, making her nearly scream at them; “Noooooo! Hewre!” As she turned and put her hand over where her uncle’s right eye was, she then said her mother, and put her hand on his cheek then chest. A chilling silence and feeling of horror fell on everyone as the information finally clicked. The bang of a rifle, the echo of the bullet. A large caliber bullet hitting the body; ripping through it, and exiting with an explosion of shredded bone, muscle, and tissues. How could an 8-year-old little girl have any idea how to explain that? She wasn’t wrong…there was an explosion… just a concentrated one. Everyone finally realized the real horror of what the little girl had witnessed that she had no idea how to explain to them. She never saw anyone… how was she supposed to understand who hurt them when she never saw an actual attacker? Also, if the attackers really were Spetsnaz… why would they be in Ukraine? Was she sure it had happened in Ukraine? Why would they be killing innocent people? Had they followed her? CDF guarded the base that night, making sure Katryna and her Uncle could rest and feel safe. The next day, more people came to hear the story including First Sergeant Ramon and Warrant Officer Falrich from Alpha Company. Falrich being a doctor, also also checked Katryna over and was relieved that minus some bruises and scratches from the woods, she appeared unharmed and in good health. Artyom also met with them, though didn’t have such a good start in dealing with the CDF due to previous issues with The Saviors. They did make a solid point though to others after allowing him in, the girl was Ukrainian, and Artyom was Ukrainian. They knew they needed each other and were not going to stop that. The day was filled with people talking, sharing information, making plans. Craig’s fears were solidified when someone in the distance fired a sniper rifle at an infected and Katryna went into complete hysterics thinking the ghosts were going to kill her uncle and new friends. One man in a ghillie suit ended up helping. It was obvious her ears were hurting from people firing guns nearby, so he walked over and handed her earplugs to protect her ears. Katryna interpreted this as protection from ghosts for her and her uncle, and while still obviously traumatized and jumping at the noises, she did calm significantly. People had been kind enough to offer shelter and a place to live for the two, but Craig made the decision to leave with his niece the next morning, again thankful to the people for the aid they had been given. Leaving the rest to wonder what was going on, and if it was happening anywhere else. Written by @Solace with edits from @Ecliptic and @RT96
  5. Whispers of War: The Russian Escort Event An emergency radio message went out across South Zagoria by a Russian soldier claiming to be defending a VIP. The message was that they had been in an armed convoy heading through the area, and they had just been attacked and narrowly escaped with their lives. They offered a reward to whoever would get them safely to where another escort vehicle was waiting. The soldiers and VIP were running to Lopitino. As people began to arrive, they came upon two Russian soldiers with their VIP. Revealed to be a member of the State Duma, Larissa Nikolaev. While shaken but alive, they were not sure who attacked the convoy, especially considering no one was supposed to know of its existing except the people directly involved. First to the scene were people calling themselves The Saviors, and an American military unit, Alpha 3-34. The Mexican gang MS-13 was right behind them. Saviors and Alpha began attempts to check the area of any threats. The two remaining guards moved Larissa into a building as they were wary of all the people showing up. The guards managed to explain their purpose, they were helping Larissa to defect from the main government in Russia. People were understandably confused, and the soldiers tried to explain something was happening in their homeland. Saviors and Alpha decided they were not safe at the broadcasted location and began to try to move them. Larissa quickly fell behind, unable to keep up with their quick run, they stopped at another town where she was again ushered into a building while they cleared the area. After a bit of time Larissa came out to try to talk with people and find out what was happening. As she did, several well armed men in an unknown uniform approached the group. Some people recognized the men that had been dubbed ‘The Resistance’. The leader walked up, speaking with a Russian accent, saying his men and him would take Larissa and escort her home safely. There was a large amount of confusion amongst the groups gathered at what was happening, and multiple people had been trying to give directions at once. Several people seemed to accept the man’s actions immediately. Larissa watched the large man in black, and the group with him with a suspicious gaze. Then bolted behind one of her guards and started begging the people to not allow him to take her. The man in black seemed amused by her actions, calmly telling her he was taking her home. He assured her that they were going to talk, and there would be no trouble if she behaved. Everyone was now even more confused, and the sudden tension was putting everyone on edge. People began to handle their guns nervously. Larissa started angrily shouting that the man ‘must be one of them’ and that she ‘will not go back’. The man again seemed amused by her attempts at defiance and began to step towards her, only to be stopped by The Saviors and Alpha Co. They demanded to know what was going on and why the woman was wanted. Larissa began yelling again, trying to get as many to hear her words as she could. ‘You don’t want to talk to me, you want to silence me!’ she accused the Resistance leader. ‘I’m not here to hurt you,’ he replied calmly, ‘you are important, and you are going to go home, and continue doing your job.’ ‘I will not do what they tell me!’ she yelled back angrily, ‘I will not do what THEY want. What THEY want is WRONG.’ Now that people were actively listening, she continued as quickly as she could, trying to get the information out before someone silenced her, possibly forever. ‘They want to silence me, they don’t want you to know what they are doing! They don’t want you to know their plan! What they try to make us do! It’s wrong!’ she continued shouting as the Resistance leader attempted to cut her off. ‘People in government, all fighting. Many, like me, want to hunker down, and do what we can, protect the people, feed them, care for them… but others…they claim to care about people, but they want to invade other lands, take land from surviving people, so when this has calmed down, they have lots of land for people to live. They don’t believe Russia will remain inhabitable, so they want to take land from innocent people trying to survive, by any means. You try to force me to do that, that’s wrong! Military agree we cause more trouble than do good, they try to capture everyone, tell us we going to do what they say. Make us support government who wants to invade other places, that’s what you’re trying to hide from them!” The tension broke into chaos as the Resistance leader aimed his gun at her guards and demanded she be given to him. The guards shoved her inside the building she had been in, as Saviors and Alpha responded to the threat by returning the aimed weaponry. No one is sure who shot first, but it was highly believed that MS-13 used the chaos and ensuing gunfight to attempt to take out everyone they could. A few of The Saviors yanked a side door open, hauling Larissa and her guards through it. They all ran as gunfire exploded around them, following The Saviors. They ran until they couldn’t anymore, stopping to rest, only to realize they were being pursued and another skirmish broke out. A few of The Saviors grabbed Larissa and continued running, her guards remaining with her. They ran again, The Saviors directing them in different directions towards the waiting vehicle. As they waited one last time, they realized their enemies were almost upon them again. The Saviors tried to pull Larissa with them, but she wouldn’t leave her guards, who were determined to engage the enemy to protect her. The few saviors gave up and ran, knowing they were outnumbered. Another firefight erupted, resulting in the death of one of the guards, and nearly everyone involved being shot. As the smoke cleared and the woods were quiet, Larissa emerged from her hiding spot to find her other guard had been the only other survivor. In horror at what had taken place, Larissa was in shock, and the soldier grabbed her and pulled her to the vehicle, got them both in, and drove off. The Saviors broadcasted a message trying to find the fate of the woman. A Russian agent claiming to have Larissa safely with him and his people, thanked them profusely, and promised that they would be rewarded for their effort. Some runners were later dispatched, dropping off the promised rewards to The Saviors and Alpha Company. Written by @Solace with edits from @Ecliptic and @RT96
  6. solace hears the radio and looks confused, then goes pale, snatching it from her belt and listening. Her eyes fill with tears as what she is hearing, she quickly makes sure she's not where anyone can see her. as the transmission ends she takes several deep breaths, making sure her voice is calm before transmitting. Turning her radio to Alpha's Frequency.... "Guys..."
  7. "I'm First Lieutenant Barnes, Alpha Company Trauma Surgeon."
  8. *her voice sounds like she's not in good shape* "I'd love to meet you sir... we need to get him back."
  9. I always have fun with everyone, have to give calls outs though for @Funiculus @Vandal and sorry new guy who I don't know who to tag for finally going looking for sols and bringing her back. @Vandal also for cleaning up the wounds. Then @Pinkerton and @KleptoTerren working together to get her stable and patched up
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  12. Reminder to all players if you have not done this yet, please do:

    Something that would be really helpful both for the lore team and in general-

    Go to your character profile and copy all of it including any photos.

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