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  1. “I was preparing a report for you sir but things just got serious. @Jacob. Lorenzo di Divini I think it is... Short version is he came in for an investigation a couple days ago on the word of someone who is a possible murderer claiming that he was tortured by our people which I know absolutely nothing about and a bunch of other claims. From the second he introduced himself he has shown not anywhere near the profession Alibe short version is he came in for an investigation a couple days ago on the word of someone who is a possible murderer claiming that he was tortured by our people which I know absolutely nothing about and a bunch of other claims. From the second he introduced himself it was obvious that he already appeared to believe this random person versus taking seriously any claims of two known allied captains and major belkov. Belkov said the disrespect shown to him by the UN should also be constituting a court-martial. This man has just taken our leader Spyke O’Hara, and claiming we are being denounced. From the second I met him and it was clearly obvious he was biased already towards us. You know the SRD and their long relations with you in and Alpha Company. I would immediately request this investigation to be taken out of this man’s hands and given to Alexander Knight, Another you and official who has shown us the respect and professionalism we expect from the UN. I’m getting Captain Nelson to give you a better report .” *solace quickly finds @thedrunkenscoty and gives him the radio, telling him hes talking to UN high command on Utes.*
  2. *Solace sits in her apartment by the fireplace, thinking. After awhile she grabs her military radio and switches it to an old frequency. The channel line was a secure military channel Heinrich had taught her, and was a direct line to UN High Command stationed on Utes.* "This is Captain Barnes, United States Army Medical Corps. Previously Alpha Company 3-34, transferred from Major Heinrich to charge of RAF Captain James Nelson in Sheriffs Rangers Department. Transmitting with urgent need to speak with United Nations Command about corrupt personnel and severe integrity breaches, are you receiving me?" [ @Jacob, @thedrunkenscoty ]
  3. Also as I said before... people not getting their way. Staff finally started to stop taking their shit. But its a constant tactic you will have to be on the lookout for.
  4. The issues I've always had is people who don't get their way screaming about abuse of powers over and over in general chat and starting a huge load of shit. Because apparently they're whiny children. Jake and Svenne are the server owners, they pay for everything, and as far as I was concerned when joining, that gives them the right to do whatever the fuck they want. Its literally their server. I know they wouldn't abuse that. Everyone had a fit about two IV bags and I was just like ... seriously? I've totally been in the same position where it was like..'.oh shit i forgot to get back these things'. two IV bags is not going to effect an entire massive gunfight either ffs. We all have moments we don't think something through by accident and do something dumb as a result. In my experience it would have been signify easier to have given the entire lore team who was doing dynamics * Map to actually SEE where people were other than have to guess or teleport all over to start a dynamic * items, changing characters et * teleportation * free cam The issue was we were forced to rely on others for most of it, and no one wanted to because we felt like we were bothering people, or they unavailable when we were available. It was a big inconvenience. but yes, people were abusing powers. I still think there should have been a meeting to talk about what people needed to be able to do to fulfill their roles and try to work from there. Otherwise I agree with Moody. I'm pretty sure a significant portion of abuse claims were made up hissy fits from people who didn't get their way in something and were trying to force to get it. Sadly it worked too. Which is something I'm still severely disappointed in when it was blatantly obvious what was happening. I watched multiple groups of people come in, refuse to wait while we explained 'hey' we're working on this' like CDF, do whatever they wanted, and then have an absolute fit when their bad guy characters got in a ton of trouble IC. Because they couldn't be bothered to talk to the lore team, or wait for a finished product. Obviously this wasn't the case with everyone but it was for quite a bit. These people then repeatedly screamed favoritism, power gaming, and demanding lore wipes. Meanwhile having absolutely no proof of the claims they were making, other than getting into general chat and not being stopped by anyone, resulting in a massive one side of the story meltdown and us being the bad guys. You need to make sure in the future you're paying attention and actually catching this shit. Because its a huge part of what fucked up a lot of things including losing your original lore team. If there are actual signs of abuse, deal with it. If its a bunch of claims, especially from the same people over and over, that have no valid proof, look into it more.
  5. The problem is that none of us want to start something over again. That's what you're not understanding, or choosing to ignore. You've already lost the group who saved your server to begin with because apparently their opinions didn't matter when pvp mentality was out of control. We had an extensive amount of really good stuff we had intended for lore but then resigned due to months of abusive behavior in which no staff did anything to stop, and some even joined in with. You're all making this lore thing way too complicated and I've been offering help to teach the new team for two months, one person who was an event master came to me. that it. You all are making you job harder than it needs to be. The issue is that people like the old lore because we've got experience, stories, and invested a lot of time into them. You throw in completely new stuff, as you've been doing and seen, none of us have any interest in it because we're not emotionally invested in it. There is nothing wrong with the previous stories and they are significantly easier to pick back up than any of you think. You can also ease new things in and do it in ways we will actually care. None of us have had any interest in these past several pvp related events, and I've come up with ones that seem to be getting positive feedback at least from my people. The server needs to have focus back on the infected being the main threat. Um I have plenty of ways to help, all of which no one wants to hear. People haven't been on because we're sick of dealing with all of the bs thats been happening because of just allowing people to go with the fight mentality that no one wants to deal with. Staff talks about the majority constantly, and right now, SRD is the majority, because we're trying to stick with you all. You're about to lose everyone.
  6. Exactly... there is no point as people who’ve worked through all the insanity of this past year with all of the ups and down lose everything they worked in any way for. I also hate that the normal map would be shut down. It makes so much more sense to me even with low population to be able to go back-and-forth.
  7. you lore wipe the server, you're losing a lot of people who put a lot of time and care into it. May want to actually consider the consequences of that. We came up with good lore for the server, fixed it, and everyone who has not gotten their way in controlling things, has demanded a lore wipe since they showed up. You'd be ruining what a lot of people have put a ton of time into not just lore wise, but player wise.
  8. It depends, if we do something with lore that simple like I suggested - 'this area was just cleared out and is now being held by CDF forces, you are welcome to travel here' and it was a second server instead of removing the main one, I'd be interested. If its a total lore rewrite which is completely unnecessary- no. if its getting rid of the map we have now - no
  9. Awesome new profile picture via @TheMrGasMask! I love it! Full view below.


  10. It was great, and the gifs are perfect just missing the loud-happy-excited-girl-squee
  11. Adorable reunion @MR MEEP MEEP "Yeah... I'm Justin Epps... my friends call me Meep" me: ...WAIT... HOLD UP Goes running back in front of Meep After a moment Meanwhile @thedrunkenscoty and @Dragan