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  1. @JoeyOG @NinjaBenOG @NinjaCam - @ScarletRose @yuthee Great RP with yall! 2e18fad938a055cff54e4e682cb0263b.mp4
  2. Great roleplay with @Sylva, @JoeyOG, @Trevor_f16 and @Howarden today. (Not really a gif but oh well).
  3. *He would hold down the PTT* ''I would like you to come to Novaya if possible, from there i can explain further in person.'' *He lets go of the PTT*
  4. Man be a Chicken Connoisseur innit.


    1. groovy patz

      groovy patz

      mans got them nikes, air max

  5. Great roleplay with @MoodyOG, @Storm, @Caraham, @Godryc, @KleptoTerren and @Mademoiselle in Novaya, enjoyed it quite alot!
  6. The room would be dim lit from the candle lights, before holding down the PTT, Jimbo would toss the already smoked joint out his dorm window To the tribes wo-..to the Israeli woman that was spotted in North- West Airfield yesterday, some of my compatriots exchanged couple of words with you before departing. I would like to speak with you in person if possible, i can arrange a time and place for us to meet. *He would let go off the PTT button and start reading passages from his Lost Tribe book.*
  7. DeaconLN

    Dobry den

    Hello and welcome
  8. DENIED You came to discord asking why you got warning points, i explained to you in DM's how your behavior on IC Radio in Discord was inappropriate, trollish and blatant Bad RP, you decided to call me Homophobic and not to adhere to what i was telling you as you were trying to justify yourself in a childish manner. For obvious reasons i will not repeat about what was said that got you the warning in the first place since we already went through it together in Discord.
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