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  1. I wish i was Lavar Burton

    I wish i was Lavar Burton

  2. I tell you, We used to love CoD, we used to win every TDM, We used to shit talk through out the game. And now we got nothing. We got nothing folks. You got these Snow flakes called ''Corner campers'' and ''Spawn Campers''. The dev's don't know what they're doing. ''It's being addressed.'' It's not being addressed folks. They don't know when's it's being addressed. But i know when it's being addressed folks. 100 percent, i know when it's being addressed. I'm going to make CoD Great again. And i'll do it. I'm not beholden to any single board. No dev's have me in their pocket. Not like those Neo- Liberal - Female - African American Nazi soldiers in World War II commies at EA. If you vote for me as an influencer for the CoD community, I'll get rid of these snow flakes, OHO believe me.
  3. Jews invented spark plugs to control global traffic

  4. Is there’s a way to get off goverment watch list? Apparently sending a pledge of alliegence to the Islamic State application to the Social Democrats makes you a potential "threat".

  5. If i remember correctly while discussing this with @Sebbepwnyou, Plate carriers have a value of 5 protection while the Chernarussian one has a value of 6-7. These are the only ones i remember
  6. Would be interesting to say the least, the map size slightly worries me a bit, The Creator of the mod has said himself his working on adding more Land area, only issue is of course if it would wipe the map every time it update, other then that i wouldn't mind.
  7. Mitt ansiktsuttryck när jag ser invandrare bli deporterade



    1. dimitri


      Get nae naedtenor.gif

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      I also speak spanish

    3. DeaconLN
  8. @JoeyOG @NinjaBenOG @NinjaCam - @ScarletRose @yuthee Great RP with yall! 2e18fad938a055cff54e4e682cb0263b.mp4
  9. Great roleplay with @Sylva, @JoeyOG, @Trevor_f16 and @Howarden today. (Not really a gif but oh well).
  10. Man be a Chicken Connoisseur innit.


    1. groovy patz

      groovy patz

      mans got them nikes, air max