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  1. Happy birthday you big cuck! 

  2. @RecklessWB I think you are missing the point completely with my statement. I’m not questioning SRD or Syndicate actions IC’ly. It made sense that you would try and kill us as the UN but what doesn't make sense is to shift all blame on us for the fighting that has taken place (I know you might not be the one stating that but a lot people are). There was multiple routes to go down and you guys took the one which lead to PVP, and there absolute nothing wrong with that! I have enjoyed both the RP and the IC conflict between each other I hope we can continue this conflict and eventually have a end to this story. Of Course what the UN did was against the Geneva convention by shooting Spyke, it was wrong on so many levels but IC’ly you have 3 soldier in bunker which have just had all their friends slaughtered and are now facing possibly a horrible death. It’s human nature that they would try anything to survive and it made sense IC’ly for these character as that is how we created them. There are corruption and rule bending in all walks of life and UN is not a exception. Just look at history it wouldn’t be the first time the UN has acted immorally by committing war crimes and it would not surprise me if the do in the future either. whether or not UN will condemn these 3 soldier and court material them is still to be decided but that is definitely a route we could go down. //Edit When it comes to Slave event I don't have problem with you guys trying to kill them, I mean they are clearly the scum of the earth but from my eyes as soon as you had purchased the slave all of you just disappeared, the only one which ended up RPing with me was @Xehara. If you would have spent more time with me as a slave you could have received potentially info which could have lead to a larger event which lead to you freeing a load of slaves and ending the lives of all these horrible human beings. I’m not saying there isn’t a way for that to still happen but it would take a lot more work which at this point I'm questioning if it's worth spending that time, but if that is something people would like to see then we can definitely start working on that.
  3. So I guess I will add my two cents as I have been part of these last few events and even in some cases helping to create them. So I guess as @TheMrGasMask is pretty much the only one which has given any feedback I’ll address you for now. I agree that since you joined a lot of the events have been dull and boring, especially the ones involving trader events and also the zombies ones, the only exception I can remember this was the zombie event that took place in Berezino where the multiple groups had to defend themselves against an absurd amount of infected. If these are the types of events Syndicate and SRD are requesting then it falls under our duty to provide such events. I will with the rest of the Event masters try and create such events in the near future. As I have addressed your concerns I would like to state a few things as I believe the only way to move forward is to provide some facts which might be hard to swallow. All the recents event (last two weeks) which at least I have been part of the people hosting events have NEVER had a goal to start the PVP, that would fall on you people which has during every event taken the hostile route by initiating. So you might say that is BS but let’s look at the facts, we have three events to look at I guess, we have the detective event which later lead up to the UN coming knocking at the doors and of course the slave one. During the first event yes it was a hostile event which people ended up dying but not a single shot was taken at your people just like it planned by the ones hosting the event. Because of the action you people took in-game by killing a person and allowing another to be tortured the UN decided to investigate as this would most definitely fall under their jurisdiction (ICly). We come down to try and investigate this case and during this time Spyke admits to killing our asset. As a direct consequence we decide to apprehend Spyke so we can easily integrate him. We come down to Cherno take him with us without a single shot being fired and we bring him up to the UN compound to start our integration, might I add the integration didn’t involve any form of torture and would have never lead to any form of execution. You people then decide to show up and start making demands but as our integration had yet to be concluded so we denied your request as we had no intention of allowing multiple men inside our compound with weapons. You people then decide to initiate on our compound (well without any text initiation) you start the engagement but in the end we we start negotiation even though we easily could have continued the fight. We allow Spyke to be released for this story to continue. I think so far our actions have made sense but feel free to tell me if I’m wrong. Okay now to the Slave trader events which took place yesterday, this event had many routes to go down and yet again who was it that started the fight? Yes you guessed it again SRD and Syndicate people which when the slave traders was attempting to leave you started shooting at their vehicle (without any text initiation) You could have focused your RP on the slave which you just purchased and rping with him (me) but instead you start a massive firefight. Regarding incident at the end of the event that a third party which entered the conflict and did indeed ruin the event that was out of our control and we did the best we could out of the scenario. As a summary before accusing other people of starting PVP fight then maybe look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself who in all of these cases have started the firefights… I see a pattern and in all honesty shifting the blame on other people is just petty. In the future I will personally avoid any form of hostile events towards both the Syndicate and SRD other then UN story as that is my just me playing my main character. //Edit Forgot to mention @TheMrGasMask that there are currently two open spots for Eventmasters, if you believe you can do a better job then feel free to apply for that position. I will happily accept you and spend my personal time making sure you and your friend have an enjoyable time!
  4. *Harold would turn on his radio and start speaking* ''I found two people when I went east towards Staroye, I'm gonna tag along with them until I reach Vybor. I'll try and be home before the sun sets'' *Harold would stash away his radio on in his pocket*
  5. *Harold would turn on his radio and breathe heavily* ‘’Hello, this is Harold, dad or brother are you out there? I went down to the town to check it out but the Russian guy we meet a week ago was immediately captured and I heard shots after he was escorted inside their compound. I’m not sure if he was murderd or was let go but seems like these people called SRD might be just thugs. I hope our friend is still alive...'' *He would stop to take a breath* ‘’Start moving our supplies out of that town and move it to back home, this is not a place we want to live in or make business at. I will be returning home soon so please make me something hot as I’m fressing my nut sack.’’ *He would put away his radio and continue running*
  6. *Lindkvist would press down his PTT on his vest* ''Amazing to be hearing your voice Captain, we are as I previously stated in a bad state and desperately require your assistance. I have a vehicle ready to roll out to pick you up.'' *He would take a quick breath before continuing* ''I'm going to be sending a vehicle with two other men to pick you up, the vehicle is going to stop at grid 088 022 at 2100. Make sure to be on time as the vehicle will not remain there for a lengthy period.'' *Lindkvist would release the PTT*
  7. *A Swedish sounding man would come over the radio* ‘’You are liar and you know it, the only thing you are is cold blooded killer. We took Spyke captive without any form of violence in an attempt to bring peace and order to this small part of the world. The facts are we took Spyke in Custody today for murdering one of our assets and willing handing over civilians to be tortured by you monsters.’’ *Lindkvist would pause for then to continue* ‘’I want to believe that a sane human being here would understand our work and realise that we what we were attempting to accomplish today is exactly what were sent down here to do. If you would have allowed us to simply integrate Spyke no one would have been harmed. Spyke could have potentially been let go ones the investigation was concluded, might I add even if he would have been found guilty he would lived a long life behind bars but maybe in your tiny world death is the only tool used as punishment'' *He would pause to light a cigarette and inhale* ‘’I have heard and seen the people of SRD and now you speak about bringing peace and stability and offering safety for those in need but what your home is simply a trap which will and has resulted loss of life. You people seem to believe that you are some type of vigilante force which can get away with taking innocent people life's but as long as I and the people around me live we will continue our work’’ *Lindkvist voice would change towards a more violent tone* ‘’You sir are small delusional man which clearly has no regard for human life, the only thing you will leave behind in your footsteps is pain and suffering’’ *The radio goes silent*
  8. *Lindkvist hears the radio broadcast and grabs his radio and presses down the PTT* ‘’Hello Sir, this is Second Lieutenant Lindkvist speaking. The people you mention attacked our compound not long ago and caused the death of three soldiers and injured many more. I would invite you into our home to defend you against these monsters but we are still burying our comrades and treating the wounded. For your own safety avoid the city of Chernogorsk as these individuals are delusional killers which seem to believe that they can get away murder and torture.’’ *Lindkvist pauses and takes a heavy breath as blood rushes down from the side of his lip* ''We are interested in receiving that information but you will need to wait a few days, I will be sending out a radio broadcast as soon as we are in a more stable state so until then sir please stay safe'' *Lindkvist drops the radio on the side of his bed as his arm no longer have the strength to hold it up*
  9. @Pogo @Horse @The Reverend @Reaper Awesome job today guys, I hope we can do more event like this in the future! @Spyke2k @thedrunkenscoty @Solace @RecklessWB @ShipwreckOG @McNasty Thank you guys and everyone from SRD & the Syndicate, I hope you guys enjoyed the RP We will try and continue this story. Expect more events like this in the future!
  10. I see your point @Incognito and yes changes like this should have been done a long time ago. Who fault is that? Mine alone, I’m stubborn and sometimes a complete idiot. Do I Expect server activity to immediately change due to our new changes? No but I believe with changes being made and us showing that we can improve then we can eventually bring either new members in or bring back the ones that have lost hope. Player Numbers won’t change over night and what we are facing in front us is a steep hill and strapped to our back is stone blocks, with changes being done to remove some of the bad elements it will ease the burden but the work is far from finished. I'm not giving up and I know that the people around me won't either so we are going to continue to push head!
  11. Hello everyone! After much discussion and consideration we have decided that we will be proposing the following rule addition : -It’s strictly prohibited to start political discussions which aren’t related to the lore laid down by the Loremaster team.(this is only a draft and is up for refinement.) Instead of pushing head with this rule without the approval of the community we have decided to seek the opinion from the community as a whole. Please take your time and vote! InfectedRP Staff Team
  12. Svenne

    My final

    Appeal accepted Hello Horse! It’s been over 3 months since you received your warning and you have not committed any offences since then. I see no reason to keep you on final and will therefore remove your points. Please be careful in the future! Signed by: Svenne & Underground
  13. Hello everyone, I come to you guys today seeking answers to where we should attempt to establish a new RP hub. All locations comes with it’s pros and cons so keep that in mind when voting. If you have any other recommendation then please state them down below! Polana Seveograd Myshkino summer camp Stary Sobor
  14. It will be reduced back to how it has been for the last five months.
  15. I thought I explained this in detail during the meeting but some people might have missed it. So here is it goes, Levonia will NOT be added unless it’s for FREE and whether or not we revamp the lore or not is going to be left for the community to make that decsion. If Levonia will be a paid for DLC we are left with two other options (this is not counting Chernarus) we have Namelask which is going to be released in december or we will create our own custom map but that is going to be both time consuming and extremely expensive for a community which doesn't accept donations. I hope that clears up some of the questions but what path we take in the near future is yet to be decided.
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