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    It will be reduced back to how it has been for the last five months.
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    HUGE shout out to @LemonOG @LemonOG @LemonOG for the sick video!
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    Well my boys, i gotta post this shit, because it was one of the best places to stay, had some amazing rp there and hope that it gets in somehow.
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    Welcome Killstar! Dont trip on the tall grass!
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    It affects performance and it doesn’t make sense in a lot of places. Like every blade of grass is longer. It looks kind of cool in some areas, but it’s negatives outweigh the positives.
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    It just disappears after a bit of distance. Anyone in a slightly elevated area can see you, but you can't see them. It is a tad annoying.
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    I just want it waist high. I love the ambience, hate the handicap. Waist high is the great middle ground.
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    Pls remove. It's completely pointless...
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    We were actually speaking about thos earlier. I +1 the idea. But wait a while longer before we do
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    YES! I love the winter map!!!
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    whole ass cutie welcome
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    The best chef I know, taught me how to RP a little bit. Best old man who isnt actually old.
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    Just some stupid kid, likes to play one people's lawns. Absolute menace. xx @Taryn
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    @N-ToxRP will never beat my epic rap skills
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    Hello and welcome. Good to see you around.
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    73 percent of votes so far are in favor of removing it
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    I would wish you the best But you already had it You already had it, baby I wish you the best but you already Uh, you already had it, babe
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    "Twelve Gauge Bucket... Chicken Nuggets...." *Grins*
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    At this rate i'm becoming the Executioner of Chernarus
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    Allow me to return soon. The new PC is afoot.
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    Same cyclical shit, different day. Tired of it.
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    So I'm going to be putting up the collected video's of those who are from the Cantina to share with all. Let's start with last night....
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    The map isnt even needed but RCON messages should definitely start circulating that say the temperature is lower. Even if its not snowing.
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    How many staff does it take? 23 isnt enough? Lol
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    Here is a brief rundown on the uses of medical and other supplies found in game. Alcoholic Tincture, Disinfectant - Sterilise rags before bandaging to prevent a bleeding wound from becoming infected. Chlorine Tablets: Sterilise water to make it safe to drink Charcoal Tablets, Tetracycline Pills - Charcoal used to counter ingested sickness (bad water, etc) Tetracycline used to counter infections and some diseases (infection from non sterile bandages or zombie hit, flu, colds etc.) Codeine Pills, Morphine - Used to immediately heal the effects of 'broken' limbs or other effects staggering your character. Epinephrine Auto-Injector - Used to awaken the unconscious, unless they have low blood volume which they would then need to recover blood volume with either Saline Bag or Blood Bag. They can recover blood volume naturally but would have to be force fed food and water. Can also provide a temporary stamina recovery boost, does not increase your stamina. Adds shock value and can reset the shock value back to max. Multivitamin Pills - Provides Positive Health agents and decreases chance of getting sick. Note: The new health system in DayZ works on Positive and Negative health agents. Taking Multivitamins, keeping yourself well fed, increases your positive agents if taken routinely. Multiple things in game now provide negative health agents, such as weather (being cold and wet), water, blood loss, infected contact all produce negative health agents. It's like a sliding scale now, the higher the positive the 'healthier' you are, the more negative make you more susceptible to becoming sick and requiring treatment. Make sure when using any medical treatment such as pills that the pill icon that appears when you've consumed one vanishes before you consume another, or you cancel out the benefits of the one taken prior. These are the current listed medical conditions that are found in DayZ. For those who need it, this a blood transfusion chart: I hope this clears it up for you somewhat in how each medical items is used.
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    Hello! Welcome to the community! Hope you have fun! Feel free to DM myself or any staff on here or on discord with any questions (or post in the support channel)!
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    Smh we're the only OGRP Boys around..
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    Is a chill dude. I mean look at that Avatar. Anyone can trust a Caesar with a beer.
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    The real problem is people let mechanics, spawn rates and overall game dictate their roleplay. Just because food is everywhere doesnt mean someone cant play a starving bandit. People need to look beyond their pixels on the screen, and adapt their roleplay to be entertain others and not themselves. People make their own problems.
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