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    Hello everyone! Character pages have now been updated and some of the major issues that has been brought up in the past has now been fixed! changelog: •Profile tab (added) •Filter by character group (front end) •Fixed issue with last used time (but only for new characters; characters created before this version will still have the bug) •Search by character name (front end) Hide group from character listing •Additional group settings (can edit/can delete/can change group/can moderate/can share characters) •Fixed issue where character is not retained when editing a topic •Toggle on front-end character listing page (character view vs player view)
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    Hello everyone! Are you playing a character that has a hallucinatory, delusional or paranoid condition? Ever thought it would be interesting to combat this illness a little more realistically? Well now you can! Use the form below, to sign up for private Rcon messages to help with your immersion playing a character of this type! Please note that you may opt out of these messages if they are done at an inopportune time, but mental illnesses usually cannot be just ignored. We suggest you don't opt out for the best experience, but if you so choose, you may do the following: You will be given time to prepare for an episode, a private Rcon message would be sent to you that says something like "You begin to feel strange." Or "You start to feel like something is wrong." You may respond with an OOC message: //Opt Out. If this is sent, we will cancel your mental breakdown, free of charge!
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    Just putting this out there, If ANYONE has any feedback about anything regards to how the current state of the community is, please message me. I promise you the second I see that feedback it will be addressed. All your opinions matter. Anyways Goodluck in RP!
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    Arres-cued Taking place at 5pm New York Time this Saturday 24th August The "Resistance", a menacing pseudo militant force with seemingly well trained troops stationed around South Zagoria and surrounding countries shortly after the outbreak. For months they have tormented the people of South Zagoria for reasons unknown to anyone. A few weeks ago the Resistance captured a member of Sheriff’s Ranger Department and held him under ransom of Intel from Alpha Company. Alpha Company, choosing not to comply with the Resistance demands, attacked the negotiating forces and in result, lost Ranger O’Hara. The Resistance forces guarding O’Hara transported him out of the region and have held him in captivity, torturing him for Intel for the past few weeks. Being unable to gain Intel from Ranger O’Hara, they’ve decided to make an example of him to the people of Chernarus by way of Crucifixion. They have transported him back into the region just in time for his ceremony. But by pure coincidence, a group of passers by stumbled into the town the Resistance have built up for the ceremony. They have witnessed them erecting a giant cross in the centre of town with multiple guards keeping an eye out. They ran out of town and radioed on the open frequencies at the first chance they got. Now, knowing the location of not only O’Hara but the Resistance forces responsible for his capture, you are tasked with negotiating with the Resistance for his safe return.. But it’s not as simple as you think. Phase One: - Post Radio Announcement From Civilians. Gather forces at Severograd. Move into ******* together. Open dialogue with the Resistance. Negotiate with them for the release of O’Hara and the code for his booby-trapped Bomb Vest. (Once you find out about it.) Phase Two: - Successful Negotiations. Navigate to the house O’Hara is in. Break into it. Disarm the bomb and free O’Hara. Phase Two: - Unsuccessful Negotiations. Fight the Resistance. Navigate to the house O’Hara is in. Break into it. Somehow disarm the bomb. Phase Three: O’Hara Alive It’s your decision to pursue the Resistance forces or not. Get O’Hara away safely. Phase Three: Bomb Detonates Everyone in the room with O’Hara if the bomb explodes is dead. It’s your choice to PK your character but if you choose not to, your character will be laid up wounded for months and will die without proper medical attention. Survivors pursue the Resistance and make them pay. This event is NOT KOS or PVP. If aggression is pursued, you MUST initiate. RP is heavily advised for this event as no one wants to lose their character.
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    When RP gets interesting... So you have to rush home to get IG.
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    We Ride togeather.... We die togeather Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do... whatcha gonaa do when they come for you!!!!
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    ***Your radio flicks to life*** You hear the sound of men laughing and then the sound of a cassette recorder being pressed
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    Join the server will ya!

    Join the server will ya!
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    upon @Xehara request roster has been updated with tags
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    Noah in his element, sat on a roof, smoking a cig.
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    ***Your radio pops to life with a transmission from an unknown source***
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    Reposting a few guides for anyone interested
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    Character name: Vasily Dvorak, Mikhail Konstantinovich Character's Age: 24, 26 Character page link: https://www.infectedrp.com/character/500-vasily-dvorak/ https://www.infectedrp.com/character/383-mikhal-konstantinovich/ Mental Illnesses: PTSD, Substance Abuse Type of Hallucinations requested: All Triggers: Pointing of weapons, sounds of gun shots, explosions, sometimes large crowds of people with mounting anxiety. Phobias: Large Crowds of people. Afraid of spiders and certain bugs like bees. Trypophobia History of the illness(es): Both characters served in conflict. Ticks/habits: When anxious, tapping foot. In large crowds he walks away and distances himself. Constantly looks over shoulder when people are behind him or not in his FOV. Alter names and their personalities: (Only for people who have Dissociative Identity Disorder, please note you may be required to front/shift different alters at whim... ) Number/Limit of parts in your System: (If you want randomly generated Alters to front at a given stressful moment, request a number higher than what is listed above as current Alters.) Hard Limits: None
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    im leaving until monday likely on vacation.
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    They removed ur mask
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    Sheriff’s Ranger Department Cannibal Hunters. A cannibal extermination and public protection unit founded by Jacob “Old-Man Sheriff” O’Hara to give the Free People Of The Wastelands a chance to survive and take the fight back to those who would see it forever burn in the eternal flames of damnation. Operation: Nomad - Active. Engage in patrols around Chernarus assisting and supporting the locals to the best of our ability. Gather Intel on local groups, criminal organisations, any remaining infrastructure and government, national and international forces remaining in the region. Help the people survive. Set up Ranger Checkpoints around the region. Recruit and train new Rangers. Operation: Evergreen - Active. Investigate any and all leads of cannibalism. Upon investigating, if suspected parties are guilty, set to trial and execution. Should the investigation produce inconclusive evidence, take the suspects into custody and proceed with a thorough search of them and all settlements known to them. Should the investigation still turn up nothing, place the suspects on the watch list and monitor all operations of the suspected cannibals closely. Search for evidence of the Evergreen’s and their acolytes. If the Evergreen’s are located, report to the Old Man immediately. Operation: South Zagorian Alliance - Active. Primary: Establish a South Zagorian Alliance with groups located in the area who share similar goals of peace. Construct a safe and secure settlement in which allied forces can reside with a combined civilian sector. Create a network of Intel available to all allied forces in order to help protect the people. Patrol the streets and keep people safe from all threats. Proceed with Operation: Evergreen. Secondary: Assist returning citizens and refugees in building new homes and a new life for themselves Establish working trade routes with neighbouring settlements and allies Set up trade routes and a market with neighbouring settlements and organisations. Open trade market to the region. Proceed with Operation: Harvest. OOC Goals: To build a rapport with the RP community to create an RP hub that can be used by both peaceful RPers and hostile RPers with respect enough to leave it standing to continue the RP and not have another hot-spot disappear. Create a regular and reliable trading system between the community. Create an interesting and crazy hot-spot in which to make some epic video content from. All who participate will be featured. Operation: Harvest - Inactive. Reoccupy farms around Chernarus and locate surviving agricultural specialists to enlist their services in operation: Harvest. Sponsor all farms and assist in their reestablishment for production. Build up harvested stock piles. Distribute harvested produce too friendly survivours around the region. Hold a Good Will Festival in a designated public location. Should hostilities arise with no chance of a peaceful resolution, activate Operation: Pacemaker & Operation: S.C.A.R. South Zagorian Counter insurgency Operations: - Active. Operation: Pacemaker - Inactive. Formulate offensive plans to neutralise hostile threats to civilian and allied welfare. Enlist the support of government, national and international forces in the area. Open dialogue negotiations with bandit organisations. Attempt peaceful negotiations for a return to a functioning society and a ceasing of hostile actions against the civilian population If Peaceful negotiations fail, sue for the forming of fair territory If all else fails, prepare for Operation S.C.A.R. Operation: S.C.A.R. - Active. Strategic, Countermeasure, Assault, Response. Officially declare the organisation/group an enemy of the SRD. Coordinate offensive with allied forces. Kill hostile leadership. Subdue and capture hostile targets. Seize hostiles arms and supplies. There is no room for error. We live, we assist or we die trying. Internal & Public Protection Operations : - Inactive. Operation: Dark Knight - Inactive. Should all else fail, the SRD are ordered to go dark. Dump uniforms and any identifying items and assume fake identities. Dump all uniform and recognisable equipment. Assume fake identities and go into hiding. Gather Intel from the shadows. Stay away from one another. Maintain communication on secured comms unless ordered otherwise. Operation: King Kong - Inactive. Upon completion of Operation: Dark Knight, prepare to strike back. All SRD operatives are to report to the designated location by your commanding officer. Collect uniform and rearm. Draw hostiles away from the public. Strike the enemy in decisive guerrilla attacks. Disrupt their operations anyway possible. Keep attacks up until the enemy is defeated or surrendered. Proceed with Operations: Nomad and Evergreen. Alpha Company - Allied Fallpoint - Allied Nordic Battlegroup - Allied The Saviours - Friends The Crows - Friends The Black Roses - Unknown The Resistance - Enemies The IST - Enemies Application to the Rangers message @Spyke2k: -IC Name: -IC Age: OOC- Age: Timezone : What Times You Are Able To Play (Times of most activity): Role Play Experience: Character Page: Tell us about yourself and your character and how you like to play: All Rangers must not be camera shy and able to use voice because you will be featured in the content produced on SPK Projects. If you want to get in on the video production and become a main character, that is also an option for Rangers. You can also work with us to write a character specifically for this group.
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    I gotta ask.. Is this Blake Quinn?
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    getting warned for memes be like
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    I think @thedrunkenscoty just found the SRD’s and Alpha’s new saying to one another @Spyke2k.
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    You should stop stealing alcohol from traders
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    "Just 'cause you fall on your ass doesn't mean you have to stay there."
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    Hi the names Atlas! but i guess in Game my name is Thomas at the moment Right now i don't have much on my plate other than my senior year of highschool (THANK THE HEAVENS) I'm 18 and hope to go to a culinary school or similar program after this school year
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    @DarkestSkies241 @Winter Andrews @Jman14102 Had a good time panicking over cannibal lunch boxes with y'all.
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    Granted, but your appearance is announced clearly by a very wet, loud, and obnoxious drawn out fart that smells worse than it sounds. Beware of teleporting indoors. I wish I had a debit card with unlimited funds that never locked me out and had no payment restrictions.
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    solace hears the radio and looks confused, then goes pale, snatching it from her belt and listening. Her eyes fill with tears as what she is hearing, she quickly makes sure she's not where anyone can see her. as the transmission ends she takes several deep breaths, making sure her voice is calm before transmitting. Turning her radio to Alpha's Frequency.... "Guys..."
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    "Or maybe it's a ruined church. You're not the only one with eyes."
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    Now when the hell is @Mr Henry finally getting in game?
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    @Hanro Gave some incredible pain and hostage RP tonight. For someone who has just joined the server I have to commend how well you RP'd, even if things didn't go well. I'd say we both had fun!
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    Well, well, look what the cat dragged in
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    *Alex hears the radio broadcast and takes out his radio and presses down the PTT* ‘’Hello beautiful people of Chernarus, we are back and we intend to put on great display for everyone to enjoy’’ *Start laughing* ‘’You put a temporary stop to our great plan but I assure you NOTHING'S GONNA STOP US NOW, WE WILL BRING THE PLAGUE OF DEATH AND DESPAIR TO THIS LAND.’’ *Alex breathes out and calms down* ‘’Sorry for that but I’m just so FUCKING excited.’’ *Chuckles* ‘’We will have so much fun…’’ ‘’Since our last defeat we have taken these last months and collected Brothers and Sister all over the country, soon we'll be knocking on the doors of Staroye and Navoya. Everyone will get the opportunity to play with us!’’ ‘’Until then adios friends, I hope we meet soon. I’ll leave you guys with a small little treat’’ *Alex leans in to his car and and pushes in a old cassette tilted ‘playtime’ and presses play* //You can hear music playing and multiple voices singing to the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ_I0KZvezw ‘’Everyone fucking sing with me! Looking in your eyes I see a paradise this world that I've found is too good to be true standing here beside you, want so much to give you this love in my heart that I'm feeling for you Let 'em say we're crazy, I don't care about that put your hand in my hand baby don't ever look back let the world around us just fall apart Baby we can make it if we're heart to heart And we can build this thing together stand this stormy weather Nothings gonna stop us now And if this world runs out of lovers we'll still have each other NOTHING'S GONNA STOP US NOTHING'S GONNA STOP US NOW!'' *Radio cuts out*
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    awwe shit here we go again

    awwe shit here we go again
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    This thread is to help the everyday Lone Survivor who is interest in joining a group but doesn't know which one. How this thread works: At the bottom of this thread will be a template. You will fill it out and post it on this thread. Then leaders of different groups will see that you're looking for a group and if you fit what they're looking for then they will send you a PM. Character name: Character age: Character nationality: Character occupation: Character backstory: Character traits: What group are you looking for (Hostile, Neutral, Military, extc.):
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