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    So first off I am trying to not come off as ranting. I'm genuinely confused about some things and feel that the following needs to be said. I come from a large community that I have been a part of for years, during that time I've seen people leave or be removed who promptly attempt to set up another community and with only a minor rule change here or there to make things to their liking, they run their community EXACTLY the same way. These communities had a life span of only a few months, usually because people joined and found it to be the same as the other one, different packaging, and would lose interest and no longer bother playing resulting in the communities demise. I never joined any of them, but heard a lot about it. Then this place was recommended to me. I was hesitant, but looked into it as people talked of how different it was. As I researched, read the rules, guidelines and yes, the report sections, I began to see it WAS different. It was providing those things that other places never seemed to bother with. I played and began to enjoy it more and more. I monitor the forums, habit I guess, just to see how things are going and have noticed a disturbing trend. People accepting the rules, guides and all that then promptly they begin to complain and want changes, to make this place JUST like other places. I don't know about many but I joined because it was different and accepted how this place operated. Period. Now I was concerned myself with some of the blanket terms (terms used to provide a wide coverage) and saw how some may be able to manipulate or misinterpret, but the staff here seem pretty on point of what is acceptable and what is not. Most of my confusion comes from what people's expectations are of others. Expectations rarely compare to reality. Many are very anti base, stating people shouldn't be doing it on one hand, then stating they should be walking around in fear on the other, not making the connection that securing someplace to live goes very much hand in hand with fear, ultimately a direct result. Others say no one leaves their bases to RP, but on the other hand, they talk of all the 'gear' and stashed items at these places...so how did they get it all? If they aren't providing RP to get the items or going out the finding it themselves or having other people do it, where is the lack of RP and not leaving bases? Those who aren't RPing as traders very much WOULD be stockpiling resources in the event that there came a period of time they couldn't leave either due to defence of their home from assaulting parities, wildlife or (of course) the infected not to mention bad weather. People do this, check out the multiple videos out there by 'Preppers'. In conclusion, as I don't want this to go on to every minor detail, making this place like ever other attempt I know of to be 'better' but ultimately the same is a bad idea. This place is different, it's growing and it's getting stronger. Keep it like it is, working out the minor issues that come with any new place and give people the different experience they're looking for. For those complaining, why join a place if you just want to make it like everyplace else?
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    Both me and Jake are going on some well-deserved vacation. During this period of time, both my forum and Discord account will be disabled. If you need to contact me then do it via one of the community managers. Try and not burn the place down! please…
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    RIP me. Was fun while it lasted. When passion and love for what you do and the people you do it for is mistaken for lack of control, no one can say you didn't care. That's all I have to say.
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    Alright I guess I will step in to give my POV: I do believe Daybreak members have solid points, I think the times I have RP'd with them whether hostile or not, it has been amazing granted one of their members @Logan brought up a solid point, he got shot by me and ended his attempts at providing a new scenario. I fucked up and he got caught in the crossfire so to speak and I am deeply sorry. Now I am 50/50 on their statements in regards to bases, on one hand some people that own certain bases refuse to really give rp out at their bases and downright cower inside them at the first sign of what could be seen as hostilities. On the other you have traders like @Pinkerton and @The Marshal who give out awesome rp in their respective areas. I think the rules don't necessarily need to change in regards to bases, just the people that own them. People need to realize that you already have an advantage at your base, not everyone regardless if you are enemies in game are going to attack you everytime, some of the best hostile rp I have seen usually doesn't even involve there being hostages. But I do see why people are so hesitant to step out of their bases sometimes to rp, we all have been in other communities where the hostile rp is down right shit and isn't even fun. But here, (maybe I am lucky and my group has been blessed with good experiences) the hostile RP makes sense, people build up to it. People typically make demands and try to find a common ground in order to advance rp (once again @Logan I remember your comments earlier and appreciate them and will do my best next time to make sure the rp is more sufficient because I did fuck up). Another great thing about this place is the ability to really talk out stuff in an ooc manner, if none of you have had the opportunity to really talk to @Jacob and @Svenne then I suggest you try to, because they are really understanding and will do their best to assist you, but you gotta make the effort and reach out. And not sit there boiling over something that happened, and let it affect your overall experience. Another big thing is this is a new community that is doing its best to have a higher standard of RP. The staff can only enforce so much but it is up to us as community members to do the rest and make this place a damn good example of what RP should be. We are here to create stories, some which will have conflict. But at the end of the day we have to be respectful to one another, we are all human beings here. I know none of us are 'snowflakes' and that the internet has this politically incorrect culture which I do love but we have to remember we are also a community and we must respect each other and respect what each others opinions are.
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    I have never cried that hard for RP before. Truly exceptional. Thanks to @Sc0ttie, @PandaOG and @Xehara as well as @Frosto @Eigenmeow @Ryan and @RecklessWB and @Rainey. Also nice to meet @Svenne and @Storm on their new characters. Hope I see you guys more often. Thanks for resparking my will to play. Love you guys.
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    It will be reduced back to how it has been for the last five months.
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    Just wanna say all the shit i got from people telling me to join was true. Past two days have been gr8!.
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    If people want a 'safe zone' it should be made safe by players playing the game, not any kind of rule preventing hostilities. Cause, that's bad for roleplay.
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    Fucking Commie
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    Some of you know me. Most of you don't. I'm here to feel the place out and maybe bring a few more people with me if I like what I see. I'm looking forward to getting in as soon as my whitelist is approved.
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    I've been around various DayZ servers for a while, gave up on the one that shall not be named and now I am here ♥
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    PvP is RP too. #metoo
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    5 Years ago today the badge that represents the Rangers of the SRD was forged! lol Well, photoshopped, but till. Apparently today is that anniversary and to celebrate I've been watching the original videos I made back in 2014 lol
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    I see your point @Incognito and yes changes like this should have been done a long time ago. Who fault is that? Mine alone, I’m stubborn and sometimes a complete idiot. Do I Expect server activity to immediately change due to our new changes? No but I believe with changes being made and us showing that we can improve then we can eventually bring either new members in or bring back the ones that have lost hope. Player Numbers won’t change over night and what we are facing in front us is a steep hill and strapped to our back is stone blocks, with changes being done to remove some of the bad elements it will ease the burden but the work is far from finished. I'm not giving up and I know that the people around me won't either so we are going to continue to push head!
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    Just for feedback sake, and it's rather minor as an uninterested outside bystander, try to keep all this info in character. As a forum browser, these elections shouldnt really need to be public knowledge. Just gives too much information that could be metagamed.
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    Thank you for the feedback. I will say we cannot control how our victims react to us as we have encountered the same people many times now. Also we have yet to be in a firefight "pvp" since the Novo compound has moved to Berezino. Of course we have hostilities with the Berezino people, we have taken many of them captive and tortured them. So when they see us, they go into lockdown mode. Which makes sense, and I don't blame them at all for doing so. It is why we have spent more time away from Berezino and looking for stragglers around the map so we can continue to provide the best hostileRP we can. We have actually ran into a lot of people around the 'Triangle' and did the same scare/fear tactics that we used to do at Novo. But it is hard to avoid the biggest RP hub on the server atm. If we were to attempt to do the things we were doing when we first started, in Berezino, it would actually turn into a PVP fight, so we avoid staying around too long in Berezino. I believe that the hostile encounters though we have had at Berezino has lead to some great internal conflict for the people who preside there. With more members, the more hostilities Toby and I can do, so don't worry you will be seeing a lot of cool things from us in the near future!
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    Glad you guys decided to put up a page. Best HostileRP I have seen in a long time, keep doing your thing!
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    I’ve enjoyed all the RP so far! Good luck.
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    Just putting this out there, If ANYONE has any feedback about anything regards to how the current state of the community is, please message me. I promise you the second I see that feedback it will be addressed. All your opinions matter. Anyways Goodluck in RP!
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    Every conversation I have recently just makes me wanna
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    Hello everyone! We are happy to announce today that we have come to a conclusion regarding adding the new Eventmaster role. As per the community request, we have decided on adding the new position. This will be a trial period to see if the role is truly worth keeping. As a Eventmaster, you will as the role called be focusing on events and working closely with the Lore team to provide top-notch events for the community! You can apply here on the forum: CLICK HERE Good luck!
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    What does Svenne gain from that, in your opinion? he has refused donations and isn't monetizing the server, unlike other communities. He won't even let us buy forum perks... So what does he gain from it?
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    I think it depends on the rule broken. Some points should expire if the rule break was minor. Major things like OOC hate and KOS should not expire. There isn't a 'depends' option tho
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    Hi, Im Aisling. I have other names, but they are not important. I havent roleplayed in a few months but Im hoping to get back into it. Anyway, hello old and new and future friends, here's to all the roleplay that will come.
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    Just wanting to make it known, that we really enjoyed that event today, thank you all for putting up an awesome event. +1 would get almost killed from a headshot again
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    Hi, I'm Seanie I'll probably be around a little bit, in the process of looking over the whitelist application and such. Hopefully, I'll be running around with the rest of you on the server soon enough. Cheers
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    My experience in InfectedRP last night I joined the game and it was very dark so I light up a flare and started to walk around I was walking toward grass and it was very overgrown I love that because it makes dayz feel like a real zombie apocalypse I give infectedRP a 5-5 I love the experience so far
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    Hearing @McNasty get hyped that ppl were coming to his stream and following made my day. Goodluck dude, you deserve it.
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    If you are gonna run an RP hub you can't be a quitter. I wasn't a quitter and me and my group dealt with everything thrown at us. Its a hard truth but nonetheless the truth, people give up to easy, don't use their brain, expect bad guys to be nice to them cuz they are good guys. Whoever wants to run the next RP hub better not be a quitter, seems to be a common trend recently. Running an RP hub requires a lot of effort. Don't run one if one mean group is gonna cause you to throw it all away.
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    We have the same amount of bacon.
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    Hoo boy RP seems to be spicing up a bit. Excited for things to come.
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    bruh am i whitelisted or do i have to whitelist again
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    Gonna work on a media thread and finally be able to get IG some time this weekend
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    Offline raiding is not a form of RP.
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    Sir this is a safe space we dont talk about that community here *pstd intensifies* welcome
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    @dany2VC @N-FuckRP @Abu Muhammad
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    My adventure today 4/18/19 i still love the server to death i hope all of you are loving the server to If you are looking for someone to walk around with don't be afraid to just ask my name in dayz Infected-RP Is Mr Meep i am the most friendly's person in the server as i think i would do any thing for you guys. Hope you like the update and Love you Long time
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    Also for those that missed it, Christmas trees are fixed now as well, so they should appear in-game. Was an issue with the Events not spawning them but should be working now.
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