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Change map to Chiemsee

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Reason for the idea: Chernarus is getting a tad bit boring and thanks to a very nice man @ShipwreckOG i believe we may have found a suitable replacement if we want to change away from chernarus and try something new with the new year.

Description: 10x10km map with high detail and plenty of landmass both forested and not, even three islands, two small one large, it even has a massive bomb crater that can be used for potential lorestuffs.


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I havent personally been able to explore the map offline, as I do not know how, But I like the post apocalyptic and dilapidated feel that this map provides. It gives a more dreary feel to the game more akin to the phenomenal film The Road. It actually feels like an apocalypse. The only issue I kinda see is that there is a crater somewhere on the map, implying a bomb of sorts was dropped on the map, but that can be dealt with in the lore or something. I like it. +1

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