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Casey Rogers

A Recorded Radio Broadcast From News Reporter Casey Rogers

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Those that are listening to the radio soon hear a one-way broadcast come onto the air with a crack of static and a confident voice filling the airway. The broadcast is one-way, recorded at some earlier point.


“Good evening survivors of Chernarus, or possible morning, depending on whenever this news broadcast actually airs. This is Casey Rogers, former CNN field reporter, Radio Chernarus member, and currently, a free-lance reporter bringing you an update on the situation between the SRD and the UN and also give the full story of the events that transpired as from the side of the SRD.” 


A short pause


“Before I begin with the story, I do have a couple of quick announcements to make before I dive into the story.” 


“First: I wish to take this time to reach out to Sam Caulfield, New York Times reporter and my good friend, who is still currently MIA in Russian territory. If you can hear this then I’m still alive and kicking and can be reached on 94.3. And if you are not still with us, then I hope to see you again someday.” 


“Second: The following broadcast will cover the information gathered from the point of view and first-hand accounts from members of the SRD and the Syndicate. Following this broadcast, I will give a frequency to any and all United Nations members who would be willing to tell their side of the events that transpired over the last couple of days. I wish to tell the whole truth of the events that transpired and let the survivors of this new world makes the final decision on which side to take.” 


A short pause


“Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to the news and hear about the events that have lead to the accusations of Geneva Convention violations from the United Nations against the SRD.” 


“The story begins with the SRD hosting a barbecue for the civilian populace of the greater Cherno city area. It was during this time that a CDF member, two foreign men, and a man named Glenn, whose name was given to me from those that were involved in the events that day. These four men had no prior affiliation with either the SRD or the Syndicate, who had several members also attending the gathering. From information collected from the two foreign men, whose names will not be disclosed at this time, who spoke to several SRD members stating that they had encountered the CDF prior to the events that would occur in the SRD compound. The two men stated that the run-in with those members of the CDF hand not been pleasant, but did not elaborate on what had occurred during their prior meeting with the CDF. After an exchange between the two men and the CDF member quickly turned violent as a series of gunshots would ring out in the SRD compound. Sheriff Spyke O’Hara and other members of the SRD came to the area of the shooting to find the CDF member shot and killed and one of the two foreign men injured from a bullet wound to the arm.” 


“It was after this sudden and violent murder within the very walls of the SRD compound that the two foreigners were collected and as well as the third stranger, Glenn. After patching up the wounded man and getting the story from each of those that were there when the murder took place, it was determined that the murder was self-defense, though a proper trial and investigation could not take place to determine what truly went down between those three men.” 


“At the same time, a man by the name of Rodian, who had been at the SRD compound for a short while before the murder, would accuse Glenn of cannibalism. This leads to further investigation of Glenn and a medical test administered by the SRD doctor Barnes and doctor Nelson . It was with this test that Glenn was confirmed not to be a cannibal and was given permission to leave the compound shortly after the two foreigners left the compound. It was upon Glenn’s escort to the front gates by Sheriff O’Hara that the accuser Rodian would gun Glenn down and proceeded to be shot and killed by Sheriff O’Hara and several other men present by the gates.” 


“It was shortly later in the evening when United Nations members would arrive at the SRD compound, and inform the SRD sheriff and members that the man, Rodian, was a UN member. Later the UN would announce over the public airways and state that, and I quote, “the group has violated the terms of the Geneva Convention, as well as the United Nations' Human Rights Council's directions.” They would then call for the arrest of Sheriff Spyke O’Hara. 


A short pause


“It was the following morning, after the murder of the CDF member and the Murder of Glenn, that the United Nations would come back to the SRD compound and demand that Sheriff Spyke O’Hara surrenders to the United Nations. Sheriff O’Hara, just arriving from visiting the Syndicates base, peaceful left his compound and left with the United Nations. Shortly after, The UN would denounce the SRD and their leader, stating that they had broken the terms of the Geneva Convention. Members of the SRD would contact Syndicate leader, Roy Kalo, and ask for his assistance in reaching the UN compound and ensure the safety of their leader.” 


“Upon arriving at the gates of the compound, Kalo would ask the UN why they were holding Sheriff O’Hara and if they could enter to ensure his safety. To which the United Nations denied entry and informed Kalo that Sheriff O’Hara was under trial and potentially would not be leaving the compound. It was then that Kalo gave on final demand to be let in or else a fight would begin, which upon further denial, leading to a skirmish between the SRD, the Syndicate, and the United Nations.” 


“It was during this fight that a cease-fire would be called. The Syndicate and the SRD present complied with the call for a cease-fire and lowered their weapons to begin communications with the remaining UN members. It was during this time that UN members inside the of the compound would take shots, from the rooftops, on SRD and Syndicate members outside of the compound, thus continuing the fight. Upon driving out the remaining UN members, the SRD and Syndicate would move to the room where Sheriff O’Hara was being held. It was while attempting to enter the room the UN  threatened to kill Sheriff O’Hara if attempted to remove the lock or open the door. They then proceeded to shoot the sheriff in his lower leg and then taser him multiple times as the SRD and Syndicate attempted to enter the room. Kalo would soon make a call to retreat and vacated the compound with his men and the SRD, being ensured that if they left Sheriff O’Hara would be given the chance to live. The sheriff was later released and forced to walk several hundred meters out of the compound with a still injured leg and other minor injuries.” 


“I currently have no exact estimates of the casualties on the United Nations front, but I do have the casualty list for the SRD and the Syndicate which currently sits at zero casulties and only some minor injuries.”


“Now, with the story given by the SRD and The Syndicate, I also will inform any United Nations members that are listening to his broadcast that the SRD and the Syndicate are suing for peace. In a statement from both groups, they wish to end this fighting and possible find compromise and work together to meet common ground. I myself also wish take a moment and state that I wish to hear from the UN on their side of the issue as well. The truth is what must be upheld here, and thus it is important that the United Nations give their version of events. To those in the UN that wish to meet with me, you can reach me on frequency 94.3 (Sterba on the forms and Sterba#6907 on Discord) and from there we can meet on a secure network to discuss a meeting location for the interview. I have questions and I know that you want to clear the air on your side of things. Let’s meet and discuss this like civil people, and keep the truth free to the public.” 


“With that, I will be signing off for now, it is great to be back on the air Chernarus. Goodnight or good morning my fellow survivors of the wasteland, and remember, Stay Safe, Stay Alive, and Live Another Day.” 


The radio broadcast would replay several more time throughout the day, concluding later in the next morning with a crack of static and a light-hearted radio jingle


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