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Russia's Current State of Affairs

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Russia's Current State of Affairs

The recent outbreak had pushed the Russian Federation to its limit with millions infected in the first few weeks alone. The military situation was quickly approaching the point of hopelessness. Many within the government failed to see the threat for what it could be, potential human extinction. Sensing the weakness of the Kremlin, military units ordered to patrol Moscow instead attempted to capture the president and his cabinet, as well as seize control for themselves. Although nearly successful, the president was able to escape capture and took to the airwaves to inform the Russian people of what had transpired. Lines quickly began to form between those that remained loyal to the government and those who were acting out of self-preservation. Minor skirmishes erupted into large scale battles with the reformists gaining a significant advantage.


The government fled to St. Petersburg where they were firmly in control of the region. Operating out of this new capital, plans were created in the event they were not able to quickly regain control of the country. These included the annexation of the seemingly weaker nations in the Baltics, Balkans, and Eastern Europe to create a new power base from which to operate.


Soon after, the lines began to stabilize resulting in a stalemate. The infection continued to spread, and the added civil conflict left Russia in a precarious situation.

Written by @RT96 and @Ecliptic

Edited by Ecliptic (see edit history)

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