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IST-NAPA Information

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IST-NAPA Information

For players who wish to make IST or NAPA characters, this information pertains to those groups and gives a little backstory as well. This was written so people can understand the motives and goals of each group and understand why they exist. You are free to direct your personal characters as you wish and this is not intended to restrict RP or how you want to play them. Although we do ask that you keep these ideas and history in mind when acting as members of such factions.


NAPA (National Party)

(Chernarussian Ultranationalists)



  • Began several years before the collapse of the Soviet Union but quickly picked up a following afterward.
  • NAPA fund their activities through the manufacture and sale of narcotics in Chernarus.

  • They attempt to rival other political parties in Chernarus and gain power in office consistently.

  • NAPA sees foreigners that migrated due to inner conflict from Takistan as invaders and siphoning off their resources and economy. They believe that Chernarus should remain in the hands of those who are natives and ethnically belong.

  • There is a substantial distrust towards Russians due to the poor situation the Soviet Union left them in since its collapse.



  • Foreigners need to remain in their own countries of origin and those that live in Chernarus need to leave.

    • Especially Russians and Takistanis

  • Chernarussians do not need outside assistance in revitalizing their country. They are fully capable of undertaking the task themselves with the knowledge they have gained.

    • They want to be seen as strong, independent people.

  • Very openly opposed to Communism and the communist parties and sympathizers within the country.

  • Chernarus should remain a country for only those that are natural born citizens and of Chernarussian descent.

  • Extreme distrust/dislike of Muslims of all ethnicities due to the 4-year long conflict with the IST.


IST (Islamic State of Takistan)

(Militant Islamism, Extremist Jihadism)



  • In Takistan, the IST became a major regional power since Soviet withdrawal. They claimed large portions of territory and have expanded their sphere of influence over the nation. It has become the single largest militant group that opposes western influence.

  • The IST, upon becoming one of the larger militant groups, were able to successfully challenge Takistan’s national authority.

  • IST became an unrecognized radical Islamic nation situated between Takmyr and the Chernarus border.

  • Utilizes Takistan's natural geography in order to manufacture and sell narcotics such as heroin and hashish.

  • Fund their militant operations and activities through their drug trade.



  • They believe that they have the freedom to expand their manufacture and sale of narcotics into bordering regions.

  • Those of Islamic faith or Takistani descent need not be persecuted.

    • Especially those that live in Chernarus who were uninvolved with the IST.

  • They have the right to travel and immigrate to any country they see fit.

  • Strict enforcement and interpretation of Sharia law.

    • Patriarchal society

    • Not tolerating the following:

      • Blasphemy (The act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things)

      • Apostasy (Abandonment or renunciation of religion)

    • They condone the following:

      • Slavery (Authorize the institution of slavery, including those seized as captives of war)

      • Islamic extremism (Form of Islam that opposes democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect/tolerance of different faiths)

      • Jihadism

  • Strong distrust/dislike of Chernarussians, especially NAPA members, due to hate crimes committed towards their people before and during the IST-NAPA conflict.

Written by: @Ecliptic and @RT96, Contributions and Edits:  @Solace, @Dragan

Edited by Ecliptic (see edit history)

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