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    • InfectedRP Community, The InfectedRP Staff team is currently looking for new Support team members. Should you have interest in these open positions, please complete a Staff application at https://www.infectedrp.com/forums/forum/29-staff-applications/ .  Application Template: Age: Timezone: EU/US/AU About yourself: How can you contribute to the staff team and the community:
    • Appeal Denied (Next time step away and do not continue to instigate.)  
    • Appeal Denied (Clear instigation identified)
    • Link to the source of punishment (report/post): | Why the verdict is not fair: Like Caraham's appeal, it was all in the midst of fun and banter. I know Chernon from DayZRP and admitted to being a furry so, like with Shikaka and Callsign, I meme. As per the last appeal I made, I am aware that you're not responsible to know the relationships of every member, but if you read the context and what was posted before and after the immediate screenshots provided in my warning, you can very much tell that there's a lot more to it. This was also before staff had stepped in (Moody and KFC to name the two) and said for us to stop before points were gonna be handed. So someone had to go out of their way to take something out of context, scrolling back, and then handing out points accordingly. Which is fair, but c'mon.. You couldn't have read the other messages to piece the conversation together? 😞 Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Again, like Caraham's appeal, if you take what I say out of context then it looks bad. Look back onto the posts and what was said after, hopefully you can tell that I had no ill intent behind anything I said. I often call people smelly just for the lols and the banter, not to be a dickwad. Like how Taryn says I like furry toes, how Moody says I'm a furry, how I call Svenne, Sebbe, and Deacon DANISH (which is fuckin' funny 'cause they are Swedish.) and a bunch of other things said that didn't get pointed for. Probably because staff knows we have a relationship and I absolutely LOVE to be made fun of, it's fucking funny, but half of staff know me from other communities (Taryn, Svenne, Jake, Sebbe to name a few) who can confirm that I'm not a toxic or rude individual. I love to joke/meme and to have fun. If someone is pissed off at something I said, I say grow thicker skin, but for the sake of staying within the rules, I ask that they instead tell me to stop. I know my limits and have already had a few people tell me not to joke about them since my humor is not something they find acceptable or funny, which I will respect. Side note: The whole pointing for flaming really needs to be looked at further. I personally feel that it's being used too often on people that aren't really flaming and are instead having a laugh. It makes it difficult to joke around anymore because you're at risk of a 5'er or a ban for a harmless joke that X and Y person were having and okay with but staff saw it as an "Smh that's flame." All I ask is that staff relaxes a bit and if there's a problem, step in. Maybe even take that extra step to reach out to the 'victim' of the banter and ask "Are you okay with this?" It's a simple DM and all you need is a Yes or No answer before you take that next step. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Hopefully another verbal warning and point removal. What could you have done better?: Not joke around like I did during the escalating situation
    • upon @Xehara request roster has been updated with tags 
    • upon request @Dust has come back to the fold. welcome back girl.
    • MEDIA This will be the landing spot for all Icarus Project Media posts!
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