• General Questions

    Question: I need help or some form of assistance who and how do I contact the staff?
    Answer: You can send a private message to our Support team or join the discord helpdesk in "Waiting for help". Please do not contact the Admin team or higher, only in emergency situations.

    Whitelist Questions

    Question: How do I get whitelisted?
    Answer: You can post your Whitelist application here.

    Question: How long does it take to get whitelisted?
    Answer: Usually it takes from 24 to 48 hours to review your application and to get accepted.

    Question: How will I know the verdict on my whitelist application, where can I see the status?
    Answer: You will receive a personal message with a status about your application.

    Question: How do I download the mod?
    Answer: The mod is only accessible if you are whitelisted, you can download the mod here.

    Question: How do I join Discord or Teamspeak?
    Answer: You have to be whitelisted to be able to join these third-party programs.

    Question: I am getting "My GUID is not whitelisted" when I try to enter the server.
    Answer: You have to wait until the server has been restarted.

    Account Questions

    Question: I received warning points, how do I get rid of them?
    Answer: Depending on the number of points and the reasoning behind it, it could take months.

    Question: I have bought a new computer, does my SteamID or GUID change and?
    Answer: No, the SteamID and GUID are linked to your account.

    Question: How do I customize my profile? (Music etc..)
    Answer: These customization are for dedicated players who have made contributions towards the server and the forums.

    Ingame Questions

    Question: I keep getting kicked because of Invalid character name, why?
    Answer: You need to have your in-game character for multiple reasons. If you did and still are getting kicked join the helpdesk for more information.

    Question: I keep getting kicked because I do not have a character page, how do I do one?
    Answer: You can create a character page here.

    Question: I have questions concerning base-building and recipes?
    Answer: We have put up a guide for you here.

    Lore Questions

    Question: I have questions concerning the lore?
    Answer: You can post your questions here, you can come to the help desk or send a private message to our Lore Team.