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  3. Probably not gonna play for awhile. I guess it "dew" be like that sometimes.


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  5. currently waiting on 8 desktop computers connected to a KVM switch to update to the newest version of windows

    literally kill me it’s taking f o r e v e r even on a fiber optic 1/gbps speed

    1. Aisling



      you while you wait

  6. Good song gets me in the spirit of Ellis

  7. Tis the only thing i can think of, sorry boss. Can try comparing what is in your InfectedRP modpack folder with someone else and see if something is missing or messed up. Only thing i can think of.
  8. It wont let me get that far with the mod on
  9. Hmm unsure then, I would suggest loading up the game, clicking the gear in the top right and setting your game to windowed mode, all the way to the lowest setting. Then go to your graphics and set them all to poor, low, or off. Then run away from wherever it is you are and set all of your graphics back.
  10. i cant be sure TBH, could have been around Grish or Barezino?
  11. where did you last log out @ZombyOG ?
  12. Well you might be right @Loscham I literally Formatted my HD and reinstalled windows, started from scratch on everything and it still crashing with the mod, ill give it a bit but im literally at a loss
  13. This COULD be an issue caused by the latest update to the game. It's played havoc on a LOT of communities. Bethesda are now actively working the problem. Perhaps before you reformat your HD and whatnot, give it a mo and see if the devs can fix their busted-ass game
  14. i have, i just did a full hardrive reset too so ill let you know
  15. Have you tried uninstalling the game and mods as well as removing all left over folders from the steam folder and my documents? @ZombyOG
  16. Here is an updated Video of whats happening since ive re-downloaded everything.. Svenne told me that @Aeryes or @Sebbepwnyou might be able to assist me with this issue Yes i Realize i call it the Dayzrp mod on accident, had some distractions going on, but its the InfectedRP Mod that is causing the crashes on my end. Sorry about the strange vocalizations, i have Tourettes Syndrome
  17. Try setting program priority for dayz to high, it sometimes has something to do with RAM.
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