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  2. Would someone mind sending me the link to the discord? Accidentally left awhile back and never joined back, invite link I have is expired.

  3. Checking back in a couple of months after my big move and still seeing activity on my page gives me the warm and fuzzies- You guys are sweet. 

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  5. Website Changelog: December Character Profiles: Changing the CSS to make the content transparent: Pending assigned to @Xehara Profiles: Decorate the staff names: Pending assigned to @Xehara Rebranding: Website layout/skin: Completed by @Xehara New Skin Purchased: Completed by @Svenne Adjusting css to fit with our needs: Completed by @Xehara Alpha Testing: Completed by @Sebbepwnyou Beta Testing: Completed
  6. Retirements, Promotions, and Staff Project Groups Retirements @MrMcButterToast @Spyke2k Promotions @McNasty - Support Staff Projects Lore Team Staff: @The Reverend @Melon23 @ShipwreckOG Non-Staff: @graipyy420 One slot open! DM @UndercuckLV or @Xehara to apply! Social Media Team Staff: @RecklessWB - Manager @Pogo One slot open! DM @RecklessWB Non-Staff: Two slots open! DM @RecklessWB to apply! Content Creation Team Staff: @thedrunkenscoty - Manager @Rainey @McNasty Non-Staff: Two slots open! DM @thedrunkenscoty to apply!
  7. Hello and welcome to the Change-log for 12/05 Update of InfectedRP-Modpack Thing that will is added : Added in InfectedRP Loading screen Added in SR-25 and SR-25 Green Added in Stubby Grip and Vertical Foregrip Added in new a new Bipod Added in a Longrange optic for M4s and SR-25 Added in a new Red Dot Optic Added in M249 Added in MAT-49 Added in Colt M45A1 Added in more Storage options Added in Earphones Added in Camping Flashlight Added in 4 new Melee Weapons made by Reaper Added in “Drag” function on Cigarettes Added in Smoke effect for Cigarettes Added in Smoke Package Added in Meth Added in Cocaine Added in 101 Ways To Microwave A Chicken Book Added in ColaZero and Soul Mans Ale Added in Cheeseburger in Can Added in Berezino Map edits. Added in Svetlojarsk map edits Changes Fixed Shelves so they show items on it. Fixed hitbox for most items so they are pickupable Fixed items so they lay on the ground instead of floating Fixed Laptop so it’s placable in the right way Fixed Pillow so it doesn’t float Fixed so gunracks work Reverted Zombie health back to default ( slow zombies are still in until winter is over ) Removed Suomi KP/-31 due to crash issues
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  9. Thanks for the memories, InfectedRP. Sorry it didn't work out the way we hoped. Could you please archive the Rangers.
  10. Hey everyone, back here again, hopefully i'll enjoy my stay.

  11. You smell like old people 

    1. Pogo


      You look like an old person 

    2. Horse
  12. Quentin

    Music Thread

    Man lyke Homerton ends. Big up east 'n dat
  13. Well well well

    1. Watchman
    2. McNasty


      Hey hey welcome to infectedrp! Let me or any other staff know if you need help with anything for your wl or anything else you need help with. Hope to see you in game my friend!😃

  14. //Merged, since this one was up first and not because I am biased
  15. I havent personally been able to explore the map offline, as I do not know how, But I like the post apocalyptic and dilapidated feel that this map provides. It gives a more dreary feel to the game more akin to the phenomenal film The Road. It actually feels like an apocalypse. The only issue I kinda see is that there is a crater somewhere on the map, implying a bomb of sorts was dropped on the map, but that can be dealt with in the lore or something. I like it. +1
  16. Reason for the idea: Chernarus is getting a tad bit boring and thanks to a very nice man @ShipwreckOG i believe we may have found a suitable replacement if we want to change away from chernarus and try something new with the new year. Description: 10x10km map with high detail and plenty of landmass both forested and not, even three islands, two small one large, it even has a massive bomb crater that can be used for potential lorestuffs. Links/Pictures:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1580589252&searchtext=
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