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  3. Welcome to the Community! Glad to have you here, if you require any assistance feel free to message me or another staff member.

  4. Yall are a bunch of nerds. <3

  5. apparently im not leaving until tmm morning now. so ill avoid some rp wandering around the map after dinner.

  6. InfectedRP Community, The InfectedRP Staff team is currently looking for new Support team members. Should you have interest in these open positions, please complete a Staff application at https://www.infectedrp.com/forums/forum/29-staff-applications/ . Application Template: Age: Timezone: EU/US/AU About yourself: How can you contribute to the staff team and the community:
  7. Appeal Denied (Next time step away and do not continue to instigate.)
  8. Appeal Denied (Clear instigation identified)
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): | Why the verdict is not fair: Like Caraham's appeal, it was all in the midst of fun and banter. I know Chernon from DayZRP and admitted to being a furry so, like with Shikaka and Callsign, I meme. As per the last appeal I made, I am aware that you're not responsible to know the relationships of every member, but if you read the context and what was posted before and after the immediate screenshots provided in my warning, you can very much tell that there's a lot more to it. This was also before staff had stepped in (Moody and KFC to name the two) and said for us to stop before points were gonna be handed. So someone had to go out of their way to take something out of context, scrolling back, and then handing out points accordingly. Which is fair, but c'mon.. You couldn't have read the other messages to piece the conversation together? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Again, like Caraham's appeal, if you take what I say out of context then it looks bad. Look back onto the posts and what was said after, hopefully you can tell that I had no ill intent behind anything I said. I often call people smelly just for the lols and the banter, not to be a dickwad. Like how Taryn says I like furry toes, how Moody says I'm a furry, how I call Svenne, Sebbe, and Deacon DANISH (which is fuckin' funny 'cause they are Swedish.) and a bunch of other things said that didn't get pointed for. Probably because staff knows we have a relationship and I absolutely LOVE to be made fun of, it's fucking funny, but half of staff know me from other communities (Taryn, Svenne, Jake, Sebbe to name a few) who can confirm that I'm not a toxic or rude individual. I love to joke/meme and to have fun. If someone is pissed off at something I said, I say grow thicker skin, but for the sake of staying within the rules, I ask that they instead tell me to stop. I know my limits and have already had a few people tell me not to joke about them since my humor is not something they find acceptable or funny, which I will respect. Side note: The whole pointing for flaming really needs to be looked at further. I personally feel that it's being used too often on people that aren't really flaming and are instead having a laugh. It makes it difficult to joke around anymore because you're at risk of a 5'er or a ban for a harmless joke that X and Y person were having and okay with but staff saw it as an "Smh that's flame." All I ask is that staff relaxes a bit and if there's a problem, step in. Maybe even take that extra step to reach out to the 'victim' of the banter and ask "Are you okay with this?" It's a simple DM and all you need is a Yes or No answer before you take that next step. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Hopefully another verbal warning and point removal. What could you have done better?: Not joke around like I did during the escalating situation
  10. upon @Xehara request roster has been updated with tags
  11. upon request @Dust has come back to the fold. welcome back girl.
  12. MEDIA This will be the landing spot for all Icarus Project Media posts!
  13. How to not hate life 

    1. APetRussian


      Wait, this isn't google.

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      i'd say how to, but itss not accepted form of advice here or for younger audience

  14. Character name: Michael Coleman Character's: Age: 22 Character page link: https://www.infectedrp.com/character/720-michael-coleman/ Mental Illnesses: PTSD Type of Hallucinations requested: All Triggers: Sights: Large towns/cities, the infected, the tree lines/dark spots of areas. Smells: the infected, smoke. Sounds and Situations: people screaming, a lot of gunfire, anytime he cant help anybody, when hes sick ( like he is now with a cold) Phobias: losing anyone/ thinking the people he cares about might get killed History of the illness(es): Started when the outbreak happen when his friend got taken from his by people in hazmat suits Ticks/habits:Alter names and their personalities: Twitching, looking around as if trying to find someone, less talking, Alter names and their personalities: N/A Number/Limit of parts in your System: N/A Hard Limits: if its not sickening or has anything attacking him then anything else is fine ( dont make me try and killmyself ) also if it makes Sense to my character at the time and how he has PTSD
  15. 10213262d9daea666e870028f6582b51.png

    Noah in his element, sat on a roof, smoking a cig.

  16. Anybody who can photoshop and is willing to do it for free, please dm me. Its just 1 small thing on a picture I want to get changed.

    Thank you xx Love Horse

    1. Taryn


      I can do it. Whatcha need?

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      I'll dm you. 

  17. Yesterday
  18. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Given in a warning Why the verdict is not fair: In regards to the anything about the 'Furry' discussion, it was all sarcastic banter. I often call @KleptoTerren something along the lines of 'furry scum' in general and other places. The manner in which I was speaking before the 'flame' incident in general was banter with the furries. So when it comes to the furry stuff, I literally do not care about it but I was willing to joke about it with others in general and everyone seemed to be having a good time. What I said previous makes this obvious. After a while, Chernon joins the chat and I keep up my 'furry scum' schtick and he seems to get rather offended. Note that in the screenshots in the warning I receieved, they do not contain much of what Chernon said. If you take all my messages out of the context they were in, it looks bad but let me assure you I was not flaming or "flame baiting". Thirdly, everything I said was demonstrably true in the context it was framed in. I never lied about him, said something out of context or misrepresented him in any way. And to top it off, it was only in response to the way that Chernon had gotten so upset about our furry discussion. Lastly, I was warned for flame baiting. I cannot be responsible for what other people say. I took responsibility for what was said beforehand and that I did not want the conversation to continue the way it had but Chernon just kept on going - I cannot be held accountable for this? I was the first one to basically say 'hey guys this has gotten out of hand' yet it was Chernon that continued. This happened twice and again I said lets leave it yet he continued. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: To conclude, I was having a perfectly civil discussion with klepto and callsignWulf? Chernon jumps in, acting all offended and some things were said. I was the first AND second person to say that it had gone too far, I never lied or misrepresented him and he still came after me after I said I want no part in it. Also, if Chernon received any points, I'd say they should be removed. I don't care about anything that was said so if what I'm saying is worth anything, I'd ask you remove his points. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: all 5 of my points removed What could you have done better?: Reblock Chernon. Also Below is the evidence I received in the warning:
  19. Just putting this out there, If ANYONE has any feedback about anything regards to how the current state of the community is, please message me. I promise you the second I see that feedback it will be addressed. All your opinions matter. 
    Anyways Goodluck in RP!

  20. This appeal is being accepted. While it was made clear to staff that you and Monty have this relationship, to banter back and forth, the context and timing was off and looked very aggressive. In the future, please better assess the timing before joking with a friend. You also always have DMs and Saviors chat to flame your friends, without the higher possibility of getting points. Be aware, staff are not responsible for learning everyone's relationships to other community members. Points removed, Verbal warning instated.
  21. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Monty and I often have random banter moments. We do it in dm's, in the Saviors Discord, and sometimes in the public discord (for obvious reasons). It wasn't a way to actually take a jab at him or his roleplay abilities. It's just light banter that we do seldomly in the public InfectedRP Discord (alongside numerous furry jokes, etc.) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As I said, we do light banter in the InfectedRP Discord just for the sake of jokes and memes. Monty knows I don't actually mean what I say, you can ask him yourself and any Savior who has access to the Savior Discord. We say shit that could end us on an FBI watch list in the Saviors Discord, very raunchy stuff that we know to not say in the InfectedRP Discord but we all are aware it's all jokes and not to be taken seriously. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: A verbal warning instead of points and the points removed. What could you have done better?: Not have made jokes during a situation that was getting heated already.
  22. *A transmission is picked up over the open frequencies* Alpha1-1 Transmission.m4a
  23. Arres-cued Taking place at 5pm New York Time this Saturday 24th August The "Resistance", a menacing pseudo militant force with seemingly well trained troops stationed around South Zagoria and surrounding countries shortly after the outbreak. For months they have tormented the people of South Zagoria for reasons unknown to anyone. A few weeks ago the Resistance captured a member of Sheriff’s Ranger Department and held him under ransom of Intel from Alpha Company. Alpha Company, choosing not to comply with the Resistance demands, attacked the negotiating forces and in result, lost Ranger O’Hara. The Resistance forces guarding O’Hara transported him out of the region and have held him in captivity, torturing him for Intel for the past few weeks. Being unable to gain Intel from Ranger O’Hara, they’ve decided to make an example of him to the people of Chernarus by way of Crucifixion. They have transported him back into the region just in time for his ceremony. But by pure coincidence, a group of passers by stumbled into the town the Resistance have built up for the ceremony. They have witnessed them erecting a giant cross in the centre of town with multiple guards keeping an eye out. They ran out of town and radioed on the open frequencies at the first chance they got. Now, knowing the location of not only O’Hara but the Resistance forces responsible for his capture, you are tasked with negotiating with the Resistance for his safe return.. But it’s not as simple as you think. Phase One: - Post Radio Announcement From Civilians. Gather forces at Severograd. Move into ******* together. Open dialogue with the Resistance. Negotiate with them for the release of O’Hara and the code for his booby-trapped Bomb Vest. (Once you find out about it.) Phase Two: - Successful Negotiations. Navigate to the house O’Hara is in. Break into it. Disarm the bomb and free O’Hara. Phase Two: - Unsuccessful Negotiations. Fight the Resistance. Navigate to the house O’Hara is in. Break into it. Somehow disarm the bomb. Phase Three: O’Hara Alive It’s your decision to pursue the Resistance forces or not. Get O’Hara away safely. Phase Three: Bomb Detonates Everyone in the room with O’Hara if the bomb explodes is dead. It’s your choice to PK your character but if you choose not to, your character will be laid up wounded for months and will die without proper medical attention. Survivors pursue the Resistance and make them pay. This event is NOT KOS or PVP. If aggression is pursued, you MUST initiate. RP is heavily advised for this event as no one wants to lose their character.
  24. ::Sonny listens to the radio and his eyes go wide. He takes up the radio and specks lightly into the radio:: ::You would hear a young boys voice:: These people are scary... I... ::He takes his finger off the PTT and sets his radio down quickly. He begins to have a small panic attack from hearing the torture and the water:: He whispers to himself “I can’t breathe.” Over and over. He sits on his bed and holds his head in his hands and starts to calm down.
  25. Oi! 

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      Want some apples eh  ?

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